Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.8

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*=SAS=* KING OF THE SKULLS May 19 @ 4:04am 
Hey @Kelgor , i used to 1 tap chaoses with my shade too now i can't
Paprika May 18 @ 7:55pm 
every single one @kelgorr
Kelgorr May 18 @ 2:57am 
Okay so weird thing, before the dual swords were buffed with shade i one shotted every chaos warrior with the career ability, since the buff i now don't. A friend said that he only used to one shot chaos warriors doing this if he critted so was wondering if anyone else used to one shot them too?
Zoltan May 18 @ 1:20am 
Dear Fatshark, love your game! Been having an awesome time with it.

My only issue since 1.08 is that my weapons look all pixelated and grainy, even with graphics settings on max. Just putting this here to see if others are having the same issue.
JackW3200 May 17 @ 7:46pm 
Proxy Trait -finally- fixed! More Sienna fixes too! I might actually have to come back and play this again. I'd personally reported the Proxy trait and countless Sienna issues on the forums back in March, I'm glad to see progress being made on these.
TW_cover0615 May 17 @ 7:00pm 
did't not Correction climb stairs fall to the map&dead
good game haha fuck you
Wesemlin May 17 @ 6:09pm 
One of the best updates for a game i've seen ever! This is like Valve-level of polishing. New Graphics, New Dialouges, Changed Level Architecture, Enemies Spawn in new locations.. This update has it all + many bugfixes and tweaks. Hands down one of the best updates I've seen post-release.
Amazing work, keep it up! Looking forward to new level DLC's.
Salty May 17 @ 5:57pm 
after my update -the game still got bugs-and the worst think i got is 6/5 special(not kidding=3 assassin 2 litch )

and the patrol think "- in order to fix positions where players could get stuck, moving around patrol spawn points to make sure we reduce the chance of them spawning in your face," -they still spawning in the face etc..etc..

the legend difficulty- is more challenging,i love that

thx for tray to make the game more balance but need more work
Kinetik May 17 @ 4:45pm 
GUID: 9b5f835f-b8ef-4e13-877f-9c18c9a8bb8a
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[Crash Link]:

Good job dev's, your f--king game is still broken. Haven't even been able to play it in over a month because of your bullshit anti-cheat shit being broken.

Game is full of crash bugs and won't even run well if you can get in.
Irradiated Iguana May 17 @ 4:24pm 
Please fix the huntsman visual bug that changes the darkness to un-playable levels. Just had it on convocation of decay and i couldn't see anything. In not dark maps it makes everything look red. I'm not sure why it doesn't do this sort of thing on Shade, but it happens on huntsman all the time.