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Warhammer: Vermintide 2

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Four player co-op in the End Times of Warhammer

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'Twas the night before Vermintide
When all through the town,
Not a creature was stirring…
Wait, was that a Skaven? After that rat!

As 2021 winds down, we—the community team—wanted to take some time to highlight where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Where We’ve Been
First off, we wanted to thank you all for the incredible three years, swimming through the current whirlpool of COVID bumps and hiccups. The studio has grown a great deal these past couple of years, and with growth comes some teething pains. We’re still finding our voice and figuring out how best to be the studio we want to be and the studio you wish us to be.

Throughout this year, though, we’ve achieved many great things together, including:

  • Introducing a new game mode to bring rouge-lite/like mechanics into Vermintide with the free Chaos Wastes expansion.
  • Adding Hedge into the game and letting Kerillian get in touch with the Queen of Athel Loren by releasing her newest career: Sister of the Thorn.
  • Creating a new event for October’s Geheimnisnacht and beefing up the Chaos Wastes game mode by adding Grudge Marks.
  • Letting Saltzpyre extol the virtues of Sigmar even more with his new career: Warrior Priest of Sigmar on PC and Xbox (with Playstation to come in January!).
Where We’re Going
We’ve been rigorously reading your feedback, and while we cannot fully share what is in our content pipeline just quite yet until we get closer to some internal mile markers, we can share some things you can expect from us going forward as a community:
  • More communication! The community team has grown in 2021, which gives us more opportunities to communicate with you and listen to your feedback. We’ll be aiming to provide you with honest, clear, and transparent communication within our limitations on our various platforms (Steam Forums/Fatshark Forums/Reddit/Discord). This is a strategy we are still growing into and finding our voice in as a studio and may take some time, but our end goal is to cultivate a relationship with you all that fosters trust, respect, and open feedback.
  • Community surveys! We want to make sure you all have ample opportunity to speak to us and reach out to us on concentrated topics directly. So, starting in 2022, you will see surveys on different aspects of the game, content you all want to see, and more. We want to better understand where you all come from, what you expect from us, and how you play; which will help us create a better game for you!
  • More streams! Streams on the FatsharkGames Twitch will return fortnightly every other Friday starting January 7, where we will host games with the community, fireside chats, community highlight reels, and more. This will be your place to talk to us in real-time, get to know other community members, kick back, and discuss all things Vermintide!
  • The return of the newsletter! If you signed up for our email newsletter, you’ll see those returning in 2022 as well, which will be your digest to community-created content, in-game events, gameplay tips and tricks, lore tidbits, and much more!
The Year Ahead
We’re looking forward to the exciting things we have in store for you for Vermintide—and hope you are too! So from all of us at the community team, thank you so much for playing our game, sharing your feedback, and continuing to be so passionate and excited about Vermintide! We’re excited to go along our journey in 2022 together with you, and hope you’re just as ready to see what the future holds!

Now go out there and fight the Pactsworn!
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