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Four player co-op in the End Times of Warhammer

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Welcome to patch 3.4.2 on PC.

This update brings you some fixes to issues that were introduced in patch 3.4 as well as some additional tweaks.
  • Bots should now step out of the line of fire when Outcast Engineer readies his Crank Gun.
  • Bots should now drop Grimoires if instructed to.
  • It should once again be possible to pass off an incendiary bomb with 'E'.
  • When using console HUD and swapping between KBM and controller, weapon prompts should no longer be visible.
  • Tweaked the size of the ability bar fill texture a bit for the gamepad HUD.
  • Fix the "spark" VFX getting stuck in view if swapping weapon from the Crank Gun whilst cranking it.
  • Bardin's wonderful beard should no longer freak out at sub 30 FPS.
  • Fixed for Weaves with multiple objectives not activating next objective once the first one is completed.
  • Fixed a softlock on Weave 7.
  • "Stout Heart, Steady Aim" challenge can now be completed if Bardin uses the Alt-Fire to fulfill the criteria.
  • Masterwork Pistol reload is now finished when the magazine is inserted into the weapon, and the animation will also scale properly with buffs.
  • Sound when inspecting the Masterwork Pistol now stops when you abort inspection.
  • Slayer Bardin's pose with the Coghammer now more... characteristic.
  • Fixed an issue where Kerillian's notched arrows could wig out when jumping about.
  • Fixed Outcast Engineer gloves in 1st person not matching the correct colours shown for the skin in inventory screen.
  • Fixed Outcast Engineer portrait frames disappearing after obtaining them and reloading the game.
  • Fixed double "player is joining the game" message in chat.
  • Various misc. crash fixes.
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