RAGE 2 - PC Hotfix [Denuvo DRM Removed] (5.16.19)

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Tvviztid Jun 9 @ 9:59pm 
Thanks for removing Denuvo. It is a sad method of DRM that punishes the customer.
Glyph Jun 3 @ 7:28pm 
Hey, developers, yeah you lot. Sod off.
Avi Jun 2 @ 1:02pm 
"Removes Denuvo DRM (We saw a few requests.)"
Do you think we're all stupid? No you didn't remove because you got a few requests, you removed it because you incompetent idiots released the version without drm on the bethesda launcher and it got cracked on release.
Don't try to pass as a benevolent developer, cause you're not, if you were you'd have not included denuvo in the first place.
Rapikol May 29 @ 11:17pm 
Now tell the Just Cause guys to do the same.
XOXUS May 28 @ 11:15am 

Is there any chance to fix Authority Base?
For example, I am stuck in looping quest miession. After reaching exit, whole mission is starging over again but enemies are down so scripts are not triggered and mission is glitched like for ♥♥♥♥ing ever
tjdnorco May 28 @ 9:35am 
I can't get my weapons above level 2 even though i seem to be at level 5.
冷笑黑妖 May 27 @ 11:55pm 
Varaosa May 27 @ 3:51pm 
Remove "Rage Coins" -system in store & add multiplayer so, i buy this a game.
Dropnovius May 27 @ 6:10am 
my game still won't launch
Fliegeringo May 25 @ 10:38pm 
My RAGE 2 ONLY plays at NIGHT !!
When i start to play RAGE 2 always begins at dawn.
Then the night comes and stays forever !!
THERE IS NO DAYLIGHT ANY MORE - What is that ♥♥♥♥ ??!!