RAGE 2 – Gearing Up for Our First Game Update

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Vykynge Jun 18 @ 12:05am 
How about some simple gameplay features that shouldn't be too hard to implement and would make the game a lot more fun?

- The ability to drop bombs from the Icarus.

- Remote-controlled mines with variable yield, from antipersonnel mines to ones that can blow up convoys.

- A speed and handling upgrade for the Xerxes, as it's pretty useless at the moment (If it can't catch up to anything, what good is it? Funny how it can catch up to you when AI is driving it, though).
SavageHedgehog Jun 11 @ 10:57am 
When? Because Audio error making the game uplayable
ChuckDM Jun 10 @ 7:38pm 
The repopulating bandit camps cannot come soon enough. I absolutely love this game but after you clear them all - which, in 30 hours total gameplay, I've long since done - there's literally nothing left to do. It's like a sandbox with the best tools and toys ever, but barely any sand so after you play in it very little it's all gone.

One other tiny request: can you please make the Eden Space Center repeatable somehow? Not dropping the ecopod (because I totally get why that part wouldn't be completable) but maybe say the bandits are trying to crash a satellite or something and we need to go stop them. I ask because 90% of this game is outdoors and while that's good (really, it is) I feel like weapons like the shotgun really come into their own in corridors. I'm glad the game isn't a hallway/rail/corridor shooter, but it still needs more corridors. And also being greeted as the President never gets old :)
Crashed Jun 9 @ 2:27pm 
SSE4.0 isn't a real instruction set - there is SSE4.1, SSE4.2, and the AMD-only SSE4a instructions.
ARRYTHMIA Jun 9 @ 1:24am 
There's a bug with motorcycles - they will ONLY turn right with the D key, regardless of what key you rebind it to (at least for me).
Nite69 Jun 8 @ 10:26pm 
@HFM the game won't run on older AMD chips they don't have the SSE 4 support like the older Intels do.
Ampee Jun 8 @ 2:40pm 
Please make the Hover Boats (Sekreto Wetlands)driveable!
HFM Jun 8 @ 2:12pm 
@Oblivion What is it that you are thinking that SSE4.0 will improve upon?
samsonman60 Jun 6 @ 8:05am 
因為我在STEAM買的Rage 2豪華版沒有出現特典通告也用不到特典的物品.有沒有可能是中BUG.請求教學!
Nite69 Jun 5 @ 5:43pm 
@spoopy its not just a headache its bad on the eyes too, Just Cause 4 has the same problem cause its the same game engine