RAGE 2 - Now Available in Japan (New Update)

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CzechDeath Jun 20 @ 7:02am 
opportunity to add katana missed - I am a dissapoint
Surenity Jun 14 @ 3:44pm 
so just another looter shooter, and not even a good one, why did you even start creating this when you dont intent to make it good, ohh wait, i know the reason...
Lumberfoot Jun 13 @ 9:48am 
Knowing Bethesda, this update will MOST LIKELY come on the 30th of June.
冷笑黑妖 Jun 9 @ 7:38pm 

Please update it as soon as possible. Players are looking forward to how to refresh their enemies after customs clearance.
We had no target to shoot. The E3 forecast has no actual content.
We need more enemies and more attractive targets.
FlavioSSA Jun 9 @ 10:11am 
@ EternalBliss - Cant agree more. Reviews are mostly just B S. This game is awesome!
VitaminK Jun 8 @ 10:44pm 
@madhatterand - it's 2019 bro, you should of known not to buy into hype. game needs hella more content before it's even worth buying on sale.
madhatterand Jun 8 @ 12:32pm 
By all means if you enjoy it keep playing ... i for one will never preorder anything form these three companies again
madhatterand Jun 8 @ 12:32pm 
Again for me its not the lack of story ... i didnt really expect one, its the lack of thought regarding the game... Mad Max was almost the same thing ... except it was built to entice you to destroy raider bases and lvl up... I didnt even have half the weapons unlocked, only about 25% of vehicles, and only lvl 12 when i beat the game... there is no reason to push farther... nothing to do after main story that makes you wanna grind unless you are an achievement hunter... nothing saving grace about this game... and to have to wait years for all the content to make this game even worth it is a joke. The horrible part is i dont know who to blame... Devs? Bethesda? not really sure. But i know I feel cheated, disappointed , and disgusted with Avalanche, ID , and Bethesda( although they destroyed Fallout 4, put out the steaming pile that is fallout 76 and continually crap on their customers so its no surprise they are involved)
madhatterand Jun 8 @ 12:32pm 
if you want to wait for announced prelaunch dlc to make a game what it should have been in the first place ... by all means... me personally though, I will shout until my throat hurts that this is unacceptable from game companies. I bought half a game and must wait until they finish it to play the game i was promised. And had i not bought the collectors i would be forced to pay even more money to finish a game i already paid for .... Its borders on theft from a consumer standpoint ( its not but its damned close) and if Walmart offered a product and it wasnt what it claimed to be they have to refund or face lawsuit... yet in the gaming world there is no standard ... people can release what ever half done crap and there is no recourse for us the consumer.
EternalBliss Jun 8 @ 11:31am 
Yes the story is a little lackluster and on the shortside but i'm sure they are working on adding content and then there's still the 'Rise of the Ghosts' expansion/DLC stuff coming out, so .. You could always start a newgame i guess. Or just play something else in the meantime and wait for them to add stuff, that's what i'm doing atleast.