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Dear Darwin Project Community,

We disabled Duo mode at launch due to a number of issues surrounding the addition of classes and bugs in our Invite/Party system.

We are happy to announce that duos are back and available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

Do not expect any major changes to the mode except a few adjustments with the behavior between classes such as:
  • Meteor and Grappling Gauntlet not affecting the teammate.
  • The lockdown colour changes between teammates and opponents (blue for teammates; red for opponents).
  • Fixes around the party system which should be more consistent now.

This week’s missions of Game Changers require you to hunt inmates using the Jet Wings. Play in public matches, locate players using the Jet Wings, hunt them down one by one. This quest can be done with any class.
The five quests of the week:
Harvest 50 woods
Deal 1000 damages to opponents trapped in your lockdown ability
Recover 1000 lost health
Kill 3 opponents who are equipped with Jet Wings
Roll once inside the tunnel under the skyscraper

See the rewards and learn more at the Game Changers page[].

— Scavengers Studio team
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