Early Access Build 0.9.26

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IndianaJonny Aug 16 @ 4:09am 
Hmmm, so bounce was nerfed last patch and low-tier direct removal this patch.... *goes and crafts full set of 42nd Rifles*.
Shiroimizu Aug 15 @ 9:17am 
I think it might be better to increase Sudden Strike's cost rather than reducing its potential target, since high threat 3-cost cards like 42nd Rifles and that Japanese 4/3 artillery have less applicable efficient removal for Germany faction, aside from the new Tactical Strike which become more costly than before and Annihilation which often destroy the caster's tempo.

That said, the intention of moving the meta from order heavy to unit oriented battle is very appreciated.
Thanos Aug 15 @ 4:08am 
Bad nerfing this time, guys..
TheFadingPhoenix Aug 15 @ 1:16am 
I kinda agree with Pestodd (even tough i am a filthy 4nd rifles users as well)
Sudden Strike and From The People did not needed a nerd. Just sayin'
Pestodd Aug 14 @ 10:29pm 
I don't like the nerf to SUDDEN STRIKE, esp. becacue of the 42ND RIFLES, to which it was one counter. 42ND RIFLES in the frontline buffed with RED OCTOBER is just too strong if you have little to none cards that can deal with it. Even before the nerf to SUDDEN STRIKE i found 42ND RIFLES too strong. Please do something about 42ND RIFLES.
tristanong97 Aug 14 @ 8:53am 
i will have to complain about the changes made to "From the People" and Tactical Strike".

From the People now cost 3 credits and deals 3 damage to a unit, but I can use that same 3 credits to deal 6 damage to a ground unit with "The Hammer".

The problem about the nerfed Tactical Strike is the credit cost. To deal 4 damage to a unit in the support line or 2 damage to a unit in the front line for 4 credits is way too costly, even the nerfed From the People which is a Standard card is a much better choice than Tactical Strike (Limited Card).

Please reduce the credit cost for Tactical Strike or change its ability that suits its cost, and please do reduce the credit cost of From the People back to 2 credits since this will greatly affect us to face against early aggro decks.
Cuddletauren Aug 14 @ 7:39am 
Achievements first, then I join discord.