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KARDS - The WWII Card Game

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Hello KARDS community!

We are excited to present a new KARDS tournament format: Team tournaments! Team up with a friend and have more fun together as you compete team vs. team.

Together with our trusted partners at 983 Media, we bring KARDS Duos! Grab a partner, make a team and face off in a double-elimination bracket 2v2 showdown.

This tournament starts Saturday, April 17th, with the finals the following day on April 18th.

Experimenting with new formats is always exciting, don't hesitate and sign up right away. Even and especially as a new player, you should join!

I'm in. Sign me up![battlefy.com]

Team action
2 vs. 2? How does that work in a KARDS tournament, you may ask.

You and your chosen teammate will play in a 4 player round robin during your bracket round. To advance in the bracket, you must have a combined 3 wins.

Round Robin means that each player will play against each opponent at least once. For example, Player A will play Player C and D, while player B will also do the same.

You and your teammate decide who versus whom first. To win the bracket round, you and your teammate together must have won 3 games. This means if everyone is tied at 1-1 after the round-robin, you and your teammate will decide who plays the final match.

Tournament summary
  • 2v2 team round robins in a double-elimination bracket
  • Play a mini round-robin in your bracket round. Combined 3 wins advances your team to the next bracket round.
  • Double elimination bracket - two rounds lost means your team is eliminated from the tournament
  • Top 4 qualifying teams will play the following day, April 18th, and be recorded for the main broadcast
  • Decklists are a free-for-all format. No restrictions! Bring as many or as few decks as you'd like.

Join the 983 Discord for tournament-specific info: https://discord.gg/dAbfkYF

Let us know what you think about this format and enjoy the tournament!
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