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NeoReaper May 12 @ 12:31pm 
(part 2)

Another thing I'd like to know about is how modular the game will be. I saw a number of "apps" available to me in the first mission; are those all we'll ever have available, or would a skilled fan-producer be able to add their own? I have no idea how feasible or secure that would be, as I'm not a coder myself. But that would definitely add a lot of potential for variety. Just throwing that out there.

Regardless, thanks for the responce.
NeoReaper May 12 @ 12:31pm 
(part 1)

@anashel I did get that reputation gain, I forgot to mention. What I was confused by is that it didn't say "ayy congrats fam, mission complete" or something like that. I thought I had missed something. Should probably make that more clear if possible, with letting the player know the demo is complete.

What I'm concerned with is game length. Evidently, there's some amount of voice acting, and that cutscene in the briefing seemed to include live-action scenes with actors, which would lead me to believe that it takes quite a bit of production to develop missions. I can't help but wonder how much effort you guys are practically able to add to the game, and if you'll continue producing missions of a similar quality. If there are going to be fan-made missions, I doubt they'll be nearly as high quality as official ones. Basically, I fear this game will go the way of Hacknet, where the main missions will deplete rather quickly, and the fan-made content will be somewhat lacking.
RayneKatt May 12 @ 11:35am 
Not sure if it's just me, but while using the Xkeyscore tool to cross reference 2+ items I am unable to hit the play button as the "say it again" button for the tutorial is positioned directly over it. If it helps my resolution is full screen 3440x1440
Adam Beckett May 12 @ 4:53am 
Congrats - this new public demo is very compelling. Going to sell the game, most definitely.

I was skeptical about HOW this 'hacking game' might work, but the visual presentation and most notably, the VOICE ACTING tutorial is really helpful!

I am not the target audience (old pre-Linux UNIX/IBM guy), but I see now, how this game can work.

Really well done.
Anashel  [developer] May 12 @ 4:29am 
Hi @neoreaper! No, normally you should get the rewards screen + reputation gain for the faction. I am checking out why it's happening. And gratz on finishing the demo!!! :steamhappy:
NeoReaper May 11 @ 6:34pm 
Er, does it end after you activate the phone microphone? (this is not a spoiler, dw) Because I was confused how it just seemed to kind of end right there. Unless there's a step I can't figure out.