Cold Waters

Cold Waters

South China Sea Campaign Beta Now Available

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Unicorn_with_no_horn May 27 @ 4:08pm 
@Bourky Ya I agree I would like to see some not USA units I would also like to see SSGNs and new missions for them
xxVaporXX May 15 @ 9:47pm 
in properties you have to opt into BETA in the tab
Bourky May 13 @ 4:22am 
I mean when do we get more 'NATO' units like British Sub's, NATO isn't just USA which a lot of games get wrong.
2814607288 May 12 @ 11:11pm 
It's china campaign,you can act as capital of 091 han class SSN
Bourky May 12 @ 9:30am 
@Killerfish Games what's next?
Killerfish Games  [developer] May 8 @ 9:15pm 
@stole_it sounds like you have an incompatible mod installed. Be sure to remove your override folder if you have one.
stole_it May 8 @ 8:30pm 
Selected to opt into the beta. Downloaded the game. No SCS campaign, and version lisated as 1.14. ???? What did I do wrong?
SedatedApe May 1 @ 6:38pm 
....having an audio "issue" with.....
SedatedApe May 1 @ 6:37pm 
Oh yeah....'.Matrix' mentioned something I forgot...
I'm also having an audio with the Beta content. Started the 2nd time I started up the game.
SedatedApe May 1 @ 6:29pm 
Got Cold Waters few weeks ago and have really been enjoying.
Just downloaded the Beta...and have been playing around with it. Nice work for a Beta. Some little tweaks as the others have mentioned.

If there is a 'wishlist' thing going on, I'd like a quick reference of national flags.
Especially in the Beta where ya have to be careful of friendly or neutral shipping.
Haven't happened to me yet, but is there an in-game penalty for accidentally hitting friend/neutral ship? If not, maybe that could be added also?>

And my Seawolf playing is about what 'dad gay, so what' mentioned...pretty much indestructable. Now I don't want to see it get all wussied, but I've taken a few air-dropped hits, a sub-launched torp, and some pretty close subroc damage.

I'll keep playing around (about 30hrs on Beta) and if I notice anything not mentioned, I'll post it here..

Nice work....keep it up!