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Patch 1.28 - Draft & Card Changes

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Oksman Feb 16 @ 12:21pm 
pls add Russian language
Risky... Feb 7 @ 11:57pm 
not even the streamers will play this game anymore. Thanks DWD for a great patch! Please fix this so MuM wants to draft again
Warbird Feb 5 @ 5:23am 
Wow! A nerf to Steward of the Past!

OMG! Now i really have the proof they ve no freekin idea what they are doin. I lost interest with the game when all the Revenge BS decks appeared.

If you wanted to nerf stuff that bad, you could start by nerfing draw cards engine that are becoming obnoxious ( like Strategize )... But whatever...
RandyGonzo Feb 3 @ 11:09am 
I don't understand why the nerf to steward. DWD says they want to increase iteraction yet this nerf removes from the game a very effective answer to two very combo-ish, un-interactive decks (reanimator and echo revenge). And now there are a ton of those decks on ladder with no good answer to them. And the change to elysian pathfinder doesn't actually weaken echo revenge. A lot of players are now playing a 3F version (TJS) which works just as well because of a more consistent power base, enough card draw with devour and scheme, AND the buff to alcehmist.
Regarding sky-harbinger, the change to that isn't good for feln (control at least) because, along with nerfs to steward and witch, harbinger now dies to vanquish and eilyn's choice. So Feln control seems pretty weak now.
Not happy about these card changes, but DWD has done a good job managing this game so far, so I'll give it some time to see how it plays out before I really say these changes are bad for the game.
Lars Feb 2 @ 8:14am 
@KennEH! you only get full value from them if you crafted them, as far as I'm aware of. So any copies gotten from regular packs/draft have normal values.
KennEH! Feb 2 @ 4:42am 
So when to I get to destroy for full value? Everything on the list has the normal destroy values.
Gilly Feb 2 @ 2:12am 
Not sure you picked the right cards to nerf here unfortunately.
Nostalgic Viddaric Feb 1 @ 7:27pm 
Congratulations Dire Wolf! You just turned ranked ladder into an endless march of Revenge, which was already your most cancerous mechanic and which now has no effective counter because Steward of the Past no longer works! THANKS BUNCHES!!!
SlothFacts Feb 1 @ 5:58pm 
With that said, I don't really understand most of these changes when people generally seemed happy with where the game was? Withering Witch's change was listed as an attempt to simplify things, but it actually seems more complicated now, and less useful. The new Steward of the Past looks nearly worthless, while Statuary Maiden (an expensive Legendary) went untouched, supposedly in the name of "giving them more distinct play from one another." Frontier Confessor should probably be giving a full refund. Plenty of other people have already given their thoughts on the changes to Argenport Instigator. The changes look even more confusing when you remember there's still no change to Tavrod or Chalice, and that Rally still looks extremely strong.

Maybe it was just the among the people I follow, but there seemed to be a good amount of positivity about the state of the meta. These changes are really demotivating to see.
SlothFacts Feb 1 @ 5:58pm 
Echo Makto did get a significant nerf in the nerf to Elysian Pathfinder. Now the most popular variations of the deck need FJJSSTT instead of FJJSST, and specifically they need that TT by Turn 5, which is entirely for Pathfinder. I'm not sure what to do with my Echo Makto deck, now, because it just got less consistent.