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Tower 57

AMIGA version is out!

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inqui_675 Jul 21 @ 7:06am 
No, a Vampire is not fast enough, especially the FPU is too slow (actually, when the port began it was not even existing). Besides that at least the v2 doesn't have not enough RAM. And without a rather recent C++ compiler with a code-generator to exploit the v2, it's out of the question anyway.

It has an online updater. On MOS just make sure to have SDK >= 3.10 installed.

@Omega Preacher
Because it was made in parallel by somebody else ;)

@Datura Glance
You're welcome :)

No idea, I would think so, but who knows.
Bastet Jul 5 @ 7:09am 
Amiga 500 was my favourite system as a child but not the first. First game and system were Safari Hunt on the Master System with the light gun :-D. That said, my all time favourite games on the Amiga were Hero Quest, Civ 1, Cannon Fodder, Worms (and making levels in the paint style app thing) and Alien Breed :-D. I bought an A1200 a few years back on eBay and still use it :-D.
Tryyton May 10 @ 2:07pm 
would be fun to actually play it on my still working 500 on the 12" crt i have for it. :rbiggrin:
Omega Preacher May 10 @ 11:25am 
>tfw an Amiga version gets released before a 'nix version.
Datura Glance Mar 28 @ 7:45am 
Thank so much for bringing us this awesome game. I was waiting for Morph OS and Amiga OS versions. I've just decided to buy the Mac OS version too, to show my support as I've missed the Kickstarter campaign. Keep up the good work; bring us more games please :steamhappy:
oc_nilsen Mar 25 @ 10:37am 
Great news!!!
rcjones Mar 19 @ 3:39pm 
Is there a common place for downloading updates? Thanks.
Markooolio Mar 18 @ 1:10pm 
Thanks for the AmigaOS 4 version!! :D :steamhappy:
arturo Mar 17 @ 2:56pm 
This game could run on Amiga 500 with
A.Se.R. Mar 17 @ 5:06am 
Thanks for the version for Amiga.