Empires Apart

Empires Apart new Crates: Myths and Dragons

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SARDON 8 ноя в 14:12 
The AI doens't even work in this game, but lets sell♥♥♥♥♥♥♥cosmetics, they will love it...
Inigop 8 ноя в 13:39 
These items are more expensive than the civs dlc! (at least in Argentina)
Zamy  [Разработчик] 8 ноя в 13:17 
These are item bundles, not lootcrates
Kenneth 8 ноя в 12:38 
this is really bad. and i'm a decade long matrix/slitherine customer
Petrenko 8 ноя в 9:47 
0 a.d.
Grant Eventyr 8 ноя в 9:39 
instead of doing loot crates, give the players the new colors as a reward for completing a mission.
Grant Eventyr 8 ноя в 9:37 
Loot crate.... sorry that's a red flag for me
Southpaw-seb 8 ноя в 7:16 
Loot crates? really?
IHaveNoMercy 8 ноя в 7:10 
I cant believe this is what youve resulted to doing