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Official Servers Announcement

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roland.lehrte Jan 18 @ 5:09am 

bitte die daten vom server EU-KNIGHT-67 retten und falls möglich zusenden

danke :steamhappy:
{Pravda} Lizzyroo Jan 18 @ 4:26am 
But, What is in it for US. What about the Players That Prefer The Low Pop Official Servers. So Players who are New to Game, Actually Have a Chance of Playing the Game and Surviving more then 5+ Mins. Or actually being able to have base on a server without it being destroyed in a couple hours. This is Why having Many Many Official Servers are good. Its just a way for someone to actually Survive long enough to actually Enjoy the game
Kitiara_kitty Jan 17 @ 5:59pm 
need help please!!!
We are on oc-wyrmslayer 2
we have to move off oour server, and i cant move my animals over to new server,
we lost the stones a long time ago. and we realy want oour animals to come with us.
if you could help us in any way it would be a bessing.all our main work animals stones are lost.
the littles i got. thou. my house is nightmare. please help me. Kitiara
Gallaecian Jan 17 @ 2:27pm 
I have my char now. The best support team!!
Gallaecian Jan 17 @ 5:23am 
I loose my char after 2k hours in game. Im waiting for support. Omg my game my mythic creatures ... Transfers arent safe. Be carefull adventurer!
AAND Jan 15 @ 5:27am 
Thats what chaos servers are for and the chances of an alpha tribe to stay on top isnt that high anymore since they forced chaos server settings on normal pvp with other broken and bugged mechanics since the dlc. And rgcheek.. nowadays EA isnt an excuse for uterly lazy and♥♥♥♥♥♥gamedevelopment. To many EA titles out now for a long time that are scamming fast cashgrabs and the company behind this one is one of.the worst. The problem here isnt EA... its EA as an excuse and the times are long gone when that worked.
Th3 R3d Jan 15 @ 1:28am 
I play videogames from the age of 5 years starting with Pong and the survivals represent for me the best genre for group play.
In my opinion the most congenial way to play a survival game is the seasonal one. That is to give a maximum 3 months of life to a server and then start from scratch. This would lead to better life and management of the game.
Add achievements and rewards to achievements for each season (aesthetic only). It would avoid the long and boring permanence of aplha tribes on servers that do nothing but bore in a virtual world that unfortunately for how big, however, involves the stagnation of the game itself.
I believe that, above all due to the pvp nature of survivals, all this can benefit the life of the game.
Sorry my English but I'm Italian and a huge D & L fan.
rgcheek Jan 14 @ 10:42am 
I have restarted several times in this game but it does not bug me because it is EARLY RELEASE. Jeebus! Why do you whiners act like this is a fully finished and published game in final form?

It i s not finished, has a lot of but fewer bugs. The potential to this game is just so over-the-top it is not even funny.

Suck it up Buttercups and get back on the danged horse or dont! Just stop whining on game boards for a game you say you no longer play!
AAND Jan 14 @ 7:28am 
Hast die tollen update der letzten zeit verpasst? Sie haben doch mit aller kraft das neue glückspiel namens server transfer ins spiel gepresst. Damit sollst du dein zeug selber retten ; D
anja.lehrte Jan 14 @ 4:17am 
Ich möchte gern die Daten vom Server EU -knight -67 gerettet haben, bevor der Server geschlossen wird.