Dark and Light

Dark and Light

Dark and Light Update 1/23 - Chinese New Year patch

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Lord Abaddon Feb 15 @ 8:06am 
Bugpatch, Game crashes now on Gaia. No response from Snail♥♥♥♥ers.
I like the Game, but this devs deserve a real cruelsome death for fleeing with money instead working on their product.
kinslayer Feb 9 @ 6:10pm 
when you add controller for this game you spend already 2 years
AAND Feb 7 @ 9:13am 
Sry but me as a gamedev would rather listen to the raging and hating people. Everyone that tells me that things are fine and i should keep up the “good“ work dont really are helping in pointing out real issues. And most of thos so called haters started as fans that had real fun for many hours in this game. So what do you think happened? Why are thos people♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Because of the so called good work? Well you really dont have any clue what the problem is and what this company did or more important: what they didnt. This devs have no clue about how important is to stay in contact and communication with its supporting community. Real contact from the devs themselfs and not.cencored copy paste.phrases
Krunk Da Drunk Feb 5 @ 8:14am 
Having a really fun time playing the game! when i first played about a month after launch, its was buggy and hard to play. A lot of the key issues I had at launch, have been polished out. i think DNL is taking an interesting path for a survival game, and i love it! Keep up the work, dont listen to the haters (they call them selves gamers, but we both know that none of them understand a single thing about video game design). Cant wait to see whats on the table next!
Divirt Feb 4 @ 2:47am 
Why add trash? To waste time throwing out of the bag also a suit?
HippieQueen Jan 29 @ 12:51pm 

Add music/ambience. There is NO SOUND, no ambience, nothing, just, nothing. I get to hear myself running, I get to hear myself hitting things. That sums it up. Action sounds, no ambience. Its boring. There isnt even a sound for rain falling. Like how lazy is that??? I have to play skyrim music in the background to even feel like I'm in a game world.

So for anyone who would LIKE to hear these things and feel like you are actually in a game world, here ya go.

These people on youtube have sounds/music from all kinds of games for you to choose from. You are welcome.

Gallaecian Jan 27 @ 11:11pm 
Weather effects must be hardest
Gallaecian Jan 27 @ 11:10pm 
Snailgames must fix servers transfer and make it safe. Players are loosing his chars!!!
Matheoryon Jan 26 @ 9:14pm 

"another update from devs who have no idea who the ♥♥♥♥ their target audience is."

They argueably dont even know what this game is. Im kind of wondering why I even bought the game myself, given how incredibly glitchy it is. Maybe one day it will have a story and a real playable environment, but for now, and for all intents and purposes, this game basically is dead.
💀Smokey💀 Jan 26 @ 2:25pm 
nothing for the american new year ?