Dark and Light

Dark and Light

New Free DLC - Dark and Light, Shard of Faith is now available on Steam

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Drachmorda Nov 6 @ 6:39am 
Will there ever be a version with German language?
Archia Oct 22 @ 7:35am 
Ummmm..... so Gorgon Incar cannot climb......nothing i tried allowed me to climb....anything...like, what so ever... explain?
Bigman1182 Oct 18 @ 10:35pm 
Is this game actually playable now? Like... quests actually working, people actually playing instead of just camping people outside of towns?
Tateybread Oct 15 @ 9:27am 

• Structure health is adjusted: Manor structures health will follow those designated in Chaos servers, while Iron, Stone, Wood, and Straw structures will have lower health, making them more vulnerable to demolition. "

And you dropped this on us with zero notice, Zero discussion and invited people to stream a closed beta weekend without this implemented to increase hype...

So now there is only one way to play DnL in PvP. Join a big tribe. Solo / Small tribes need not bother with the game now.

GG Snail.
DarknessAvy Oct 11 @ 4:08am 
@Infernosis TheShard is the map id and you are welcome ^^
DarkJediMaster@Malevolent Oct 10 @ 8:10pm 
1st Person camera already!!!

see you next time
☣ Marastone ☣ Oct 10 @ 7:43pm 
I love the Game, but please fix this damn "Teleport Bug" PLEASE ! :steamsad: https://clips.twitch.tv/IcySuspiciousKleeDxCat
D34DLY Oct 10 @ 11:43am 
Good to see progress on the game. I'm having fun with it. Thanks Snail for this free content.
TTV.Infernosis Oct 10 @ 9:46am 
If anyone can let me know what the MAP ID is for this I would appreciate it. For server hosting with DnL server manager, it just basically requires the update to come to it, and then the map ID to load into it. But i don't know when the update comes, or what the map id is.
Cryper Oct 10 @ 7:34am 
Great work, cause its free dlc it is cancer to setup. and the server manger dont work too. Fix your game and dont release it with so many issues!!