Dark and Light

Dark and Light

Dark and Light Minor Patch 6/6

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Winddroid Jul 5 @ 6:29pm 
What about updates to core issues rather than enhancements? Enhancements, unless critical to operation, should be low priority. Is there or are there other teams working on core issues? Would be nice to have more communication from DNL peeps.
tonn372 Jun 29 @ 6:30am 
Y a t-il un mode coopératif en local en écran partagé? Split screen?
Gjafar Jun 27 @ 2:11am 
Dev's please keep up the good work!
What do you think about premade buildings like tree houses etc.?
When you don't know, just take a look to Outlaws the old West.:tree_green:
Divirt Jun 10 @ 4:13pm 
I do not know any other survival game, where you can return to the house and half the structures are missing.
Like a year ago, things also disappear. And this is in a solo game.
Everything is also an attempt to be reborn on a home altar destroys the structures around it.
Maybe at first, the disappearance of the smokehouse with dried meat and apples will entertain, but in fact it is no longer funny. It is not playable.
Fabea Jun 10 @ 6:49am 
Well no I hate the new wood even if it does looks realistic, it makes my build look like Tiki towers and where I have changed it to stone it looks like a bathroom, please remove the blue from it and change it to a soft brown like that on the gate. The gate loos great but the rest makes a build look like a eyesore.
CRAZYCARL Jun 8 @ 1:24pm 
I love the new wood structures they look very real! LIke thin and cut woood! Look forward to seeing the stone when I get there again!
Smokey Jun 7 @ 11:21pm 
are controllers fully active in this game??
GamePunky Jun 7 @ 10:42pm 
Something else that needs to be changed along with the already changed Decay timers.

Feeding Trough 6 -> 30 days (VERY IMPORTANT)
Magic Workbench 6 ->30 days (IMPORTANT)
Combost Bin 6 ->30 days
Small Crop Plots 6 -> 30 days
Medium Crop Plots 6 -> 30 days
Large Crop Plots 6 -> 30 days
Stone Spout 6 -> 30 days
ALL Stone Pipes 6-> 30 days
Wooden Chair 6 -> 30 days
Cooking Pot 6 ->30 days

Thanks a lot
Textures look god awful? How is this an improvement?
Lerajie Jun 7 @ 2:14pm 
What is with these new textures?
- They are not aesthetically pleasing.
- They no longer look like stone and wood, but ice cream and bamboo.
- The two colours of the stone wall doesn't even match, and looks like you've just thrown together the old texture and the new one... why did you think that would work?
- They don't work with the other textures in game.
- It hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.

Did you even LOOK at the textures? They are absolutely revolting.