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Kitsune Soul Jun 12 @ 6:17pm 
I discovered this game and am actually recommending it to my friends.. it'll take time but it'll be worth it. I curate games like this because they don't get enough love.
Gramoph0ne Jan 30 @ 10:25pm 
i agree johnny regarding advertizing,i did my part and shilled it to a mate who has a 20k sub gaming channel and he plans to play it with his other mate who has a similar sized channel,that should help the devs out.

times like these i miss the old CVG magazines and gamemaster.
Jonny420 Jan 23 @ 11:16am 
this game really hasnt been advertised and promoted enough what a belter idea and cool game u guys have made please dont give up
RecklessRocketeer Jan 15 @ 3:19am 
Get this game on sale, for $5 you will attract so many new people! Including myself. The tower defense genre is pretty quite as of this day. This looks really promising! :coolsam:
clockwork_kill Jan 8 @ 9:03am 
Drop the price to the $1-2 range, and you'd get tons of people buying in. More fanbase would become more money, and better placement on Steam. That is what I think as a potential buyer of this game. $15 is too much of a gamble for a nearly unsupported game. Looks cool though!!!
DabbinGoon TWITCH Jan 5 @ 9:23pm 
please keep hypercharged unboxed going . it is one of the best defense games ive played. even by myself i have huge amounts of fun. one of a kind game/developer
BoomBoomBrucey Jan 2 @ 7:12pm 
Loving the Toys aesthetic , don't stop working on Hypercharge, me and 2 mates bought it and ARE still looking forward to updates as it has some major potential.
Xelephis Dec 30, 2017 @ 11:27am 
I love the theme of this game I'm gonna try to convince my friends to buy this game with me, regardless if we do I'll be keeping my eye on it. Don't let it die!
CryoClaw Dec 26, 2017 @ 9:02am 
My apologies, guys. I was frustrated and a little worried that you had given up on the game. It was innapropriate of me to vent that frustration on this forum.

@Joe I have a few questions for you.

-I understand funding is an issue. Have you considered advertising?
-Do you have an estimate on a release date for the update (I don't care if you're wrong, just an
ETA would be sufficient)?
-What are some of your future plans for the game?
wayne Dec 25, 2017 @ 7:25pm 
this 'toys' theme is just obnoxious, and ugly. it's essentially a gimmick that undermines the the game. what a shame.