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This game is an absolute joy to play and was worth the wait.
Thank you for the great experience~!
KILLH4WK=VX9= Jan 19 @ 9:21pm 
Screw everything else, when is the soap coming. i guess you guys are fans of chuck palahniuk also.
Reb Jan 19 @ 6:23pm 
This was a fantastic game that I highly recommend to anyone! Seriously, keep up the fantastic work devs!
PHANTOM Jan 15 @ 12:04am 
Thanks for that awesome game - you're best!
Can I ask you about localizations? How many languages there will be?
Is it WORTHY to expect Russian language localization?
DJ Dostoevsky Jan 12 @ 6:01pm 
DUSK is easily my Surprise Hit of 2018.

Congrats on your success, devs. You deserve it!
Buddy. Jan 12 @ 4:59pm 
epic? more like worthy, am i right gamers
Ogrish Jan 12 @ 8:07am 
I think I just teared up a little bit.
DUSKYLA Jan 12 @ 12:22am 
добавте обратно оружие тотем оно крутое ну урон обрежте или что нибудь сделайте но добавте его плииииииззз:leatherneck:
tommy_beast Jan 9 @ 4:12am 
What a journey! I was looking for an old footage from the game on Youtube, just wondering how the game looked like years ago and here you go with this awesome post.

Thank you so much for this game and for the way you treat the community. With all the♥♥♥♥♥♥going on in the gaming industry today you shine so bright and make the greatest example. THANKS A LOT. I will definitely buy another copy of the game and gift it to a friend.

Never change. Never. You're the best and you've created the best community in years!
SomeRookie™ Jan 8 @ 11:26pm 
The Big Box Physical Collector's Edition?

I hope that's temporary you could have so many cool names for it!

Prepare Thyself Collector's Edition
Treasure Hunter Collector's Edition
Duskysical Collecter's Edition

...That last one's a joke, I think these are all jokes