theHunter™: Call of the Wild

theHunter™: Call of the Wild

Patch 1.30

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NerovahDarkhand 12 hours ago 
Was ist denn das bitte für ein Blödsinn! Die Löwen in der Savannenmap sind ja absolut feige. Die rennen schon weg sobald sie dich aus 800 Metern entfernung sehen. Löwenrudel habe ich seit dem release bis heute kein einziges angetroffen obwohl es laut Beschreibung möglich sein soll. Höchstens nur Einzelgänger, die schon beim ersten Anblick davon rennen, als ob ihr Leben davon abhängt, habe ich bisher gesehen. Die Rufe hört man übrigens immernoch nicht. Sogar der Puma ist noch 10x lauter. Löwen hört man eigentlich Kilometer weit, also macht das bitte auch so. Für mich ist das keine Herausforderung, sondern ein schlechter Witz.

Bitte, Fixen!
Radarcos Feb 17 @ 7:04am 
Ayer puse el juego después de mucho tiempo para probar a cazar el leon y cual es mi sorpresa que la ballesta está bloqueada y solo se puede poner el perno de 600 gramos, si quiero poner cualquiera de los otros no me deja hacerlo por lo que la integridad se pierde, esto no pasaba antes.
ZetAvenger (Plan Z) Feb 17 @ 6:17am 
I keep getting tons of GB for updates but no new content unless i keep buying DLCs. Situation: I log in steam, want to play Call of the Wild, 3 GB update...i think "hey, let's update and check the new stuff...", but then i go check the news and all i see is more paid new content. Right now, 50% of the game, if not more, is paid DLCs, so think about all the people that bought the game from the start, please!
aleks_s_drobu Feb 16 @ 11:51pm 
Dear developers, please correct the location of the hunter for a screen resolution of 1080 x 1024
War Bear Feb 16 @ 4:02pm 
@Ranius7 I dunno if any of those would be "improvements". You see where those things got Cabela's! (They shut down the franchise due to being unpopular games)
Ranius7 Feb 16 @ 4:39am 
too many crashes sin 1.3 patch

choraprov$m coldzera Feb 15 @ 8:30am 
AirR_PlanEE Bas Feb 15 @ 6:07am 
When can you fix the bug in Multiplayer? When I am close to my friend, his image is twinkling... I send so many emails but this bug is still after three updates. What are you doing? I want to play with my friend!!!
Ranius7 Feb 15 @ 3:15am 
there are a lot of ideas how to make the game better and more interesting :

special mode hunting big herds from chopper or truck
( it' time to put some Vehicles in the game , and make it less sleepy )
improve decoys , traps
spear hunting , more predators ,
fast travel to anywhere without exploring ,
improve night hunting with IR sights ,
bugs- when connection is slow there is suddenly zombie animals ... never gets fixed

1v4n94 Feb 14 @ 8:59pm 
Thanks for the patch. I hope you release more free content, and not just paid addons. This game's a gem, so don't rush it, guys. Keep up the good work!