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Time to be a hero...

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Hate Free Heroes is a modern day role playing game that takes the player into the role of an H.F.H agent and researcher dedicated to decreasing the rise of "Aggromites" in the city.


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We just updated Hate Free Heroes RPG now to include 3 Free DLCs.

1. Agents of Aggro City Online Access – Your CD Key can now unlock access to create an account and play the online community game Agents of Aggro City Online for free.

2. Soundtrack DLC – You get access to the 2 full song soundtrack from Fantosy FX.

3. Hate Free Heroes Mobile Access – You get access to the mobile browser based version of Hate Free Heroes. Play the same game from any browser, from any device.

A new launcher has been added to make it easy to navigate and access the new features and downloads. To access the launcher, click the game’s image in your steam library and select “Play FREE DLCs”.

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