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-Scum (GER) server IP ( ) 40 slots erst mal .....!!!
-TeamSpeak Server : 200 slots
Bree Mar 17 @ 12:55am 
Join Catalysm! (RP server with Limited KoS)

Friendly community and we will be sure your loot is safe and sound without getting pinched by other players! We are looking to grow our sever and want YOU! Join today!!

Server Name: Catalysm
Password Protected, Please fill an application via our Discord server to get accepted and join the server

Discord Link:

20 slots and more to come if they get filled!
Friendly community
Safe Zones
A1 being the only KoS Area
Active Staff
Strictly RP but we are fun loving as well as laid back!
Player Item Trading
Shops with a Cigarette Currency
Available Shops to be claimed by potential store owners
Available Houses in the main town & Wilds
Monthly Events - Will become bi weekly when we up our player numbers
^^^^ WIN PRIZES!! Rare Loot, Food, Supplies Etc!

JOIN US TODAY!! Hope to see YOU on our server :)
metacrawler Mar 16 @ 5:40pm 
please add special ops AI enemies that come after you when you get too famous. maybe you get a 1000 fame and then continue to try to get off the island but spec ops enemies then get sent in and the AI knows what sector youre in but not where you are. so they search the sector youre in until they find you and theyre always pursuing. WOULD BE SO SICK! thanks!
EnoughItsMe Mar 16 @ 5:03am 
great job, keep going, this game is going to be perfect.
Kazi Mar 15 @ 1:31pm 
This dev team is amazing. Constant updates and communication, Please keep up the good work, Haven't even played your game much, just bought it because I can see you care about your game, and one day it will be amazballs.
fankk Mar 15 @ 7:00am 
Caring that much about female models OMEGALUL. They'll come, calm down.
reicou Mar 15 @ 1:59am 
whitout female characters: GARBAGE
Jcooley Mar 14 @ 4:43pm 
Still no female models.....
D1nosaur  [developer] Mar 14 @ 8:24am 
@Specter 308 this issue is because your resolution may be offset from your monitor. Try changing it within your GPU software or go into the Scum game files and change the resolution there, this should fix your issue.
penelopov Mar 14 @ 8:12am 
Hop soon we can see a variety of missions and possibility to build/raid bases