Work in Progress Update [Feb 8, 2019]

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Bree 17 hours ago 
Join Catalysm! (RP server with Limited KoS)

Friendly community and we will be sure your loot is safe and sound without getting pinched by other players! We are looking to grow our sever and want YOU! Join today!!

Server Name: Catalysm
Password Protected, Please fill an application via our Discord server to get accepted and join the server

Discord Link:

20 slots and more to come if they get filled!
Friendly community
Safe Zones
A1 being the only KoS Area
Active Staff
Strictly RP but we are fun loving as well as laid back!
High Loot & Re Spawn Rates
Shops with a Cigarette Currency
Available Shops to be claimed by potential store owners
Available Houses in the main town
Monthly Events - Will become bi weekly when we up our player numbers
^^^^ WIN PRIZES!! Rare Loot, Food, Supplies Etc!

JOIN US TODAY!! Hope to see YOU on our server :)
McLoviN Feb 16 @ 4:31am 
also add the abilty to name our boxes so we can sort our stuff andfind them easier :D
MadBouncer Feb 15 @ 8:26am 
you guys and girls are the best. TY for all the fun you give me!!!!
LaDy Feb 14 @ 6:20pm 
I wanna play female and not male... and smoking also did not work until now.. pls fix it
Thot Goblin Feb 14 @ 10:11am 
@icedragons2 They already have your gender n igga so let females worry about that.
-=WHC=- JesuzderChiller Feb 14 @ 6:15am 
@icedragons2 :steamfacepalm: really?
icedragons2 Feb 13 @ 10:10pm 
question are you guys going to put different characters(male/female) that we can play? for those who like to play their gender?
Trickz Feb 13 @ 6:06pm 
Discord server all about gaming come join! We also do frequent giveaways. Come join now!
Yagiヤギ Feb 13 @ 5:57pm 
why cant we eat zombies no more?
Frankie6 Feb 13 @ 3:13pm 
I suppose I'm saying they absolutely wont let you put a Ford Ranger into Scum.