Doom wipe of annihilation!

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(PGC) Kyes Dec 9 @ 5:16am 
Server and client performance now better!
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Drehfehler Dec 7 @ 10:30am 
very nice vehicle steering/physics. good job !
555eatshit Dec 7 @ 10:10am 
Damn it! There should have been an announcement ingame. I f**ing lost everything, haven't played for a few weeks. Why wiping Singleplayer???? Collecting and crafting of weeks is gone.
I had a well protected base (high stands around against the zeds and inside dozends of chests.
When in my base, i don't keep anything in my pockets. Damn it.
Please if you EVER plan to do a wipe in the future, THERE HAS TO BE AN ANNOUNCEMENT INGAME, SINGLEPLAYER ALSO!!!!
FloRyba Dec 7 @ 9:06am 
DOGMO Dec 7 @ 7:44am 
friday now
[SASE]KILL@LOT Dec 7 @ 6:53am 
if you store any items in game storage crates/tarps/wardrobes/cookers/drawers they all seem to hold the same 6x6 36 items regardless of size dont go over as you will lose these items instantly hope this helps alot of you out ;)
shane.hebblewhite Dec 7 @ 6:45am 
what times the update guys ?
BRoDYaGA Dec 7 @ 3:16am 
When wipe, people? Hour? Friday now!
Scrappy Dec 7 @ 2:26am 
i dont understand why people hate wipes so much...
Alistarz Dec 7 @ 1:23am 
Am I the only one having issues with stuff disappearing when trying to load the in-house wardrobe, oven and such? A mate and I were trying to save stuff for our new character but half of it has just disappeared...