Work in Progress Update with a Twist [Jan 23, 2019]

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Mr_Flex Feb 7 @ 2:45am 
If you are really tired of cheaters and bag-users. That we are waiting for you, and we will be glad to see you on our server: "RUS-UMBRELLA"!
Only here you will be able to feel for yourself what the presence of real loot is,
as well as you will be able to yourself assess the struggle of our administration with such shameful phenomena as bug-user and cheating,
as well as extremely harshly curb the abuse of players in the game's chat!
You can find us here:
1. Our web site:
Mr_Flex Feb 7 @ 2:43am 
Если Вы по настоящему устали от читеров и баго-юзеров.То мы вас ждем, и будем рады видеть Вас на нашем сервере: "RUS-UMBRELLA"!
Только у нас Вы сможете сами почувствовать что такое наличие реального лута,
так же Вы сможете сами оценить борьбу нашей администрации с таким позорными явлением как баго-юзерство и читерство,
а так же предельно жестко пресекаем оскорбления игроков в чате игры!
Найти нас можно тут:
1. Наш веб сайт:
Zwackelmann173 Feb 7 @ 1:49am 
Happy Birthday "baby boy"
You were born. Congratulations! You have made the bare minimum requirement for existence xD
Infidel72 Feb 5 @ 2:26pm 
Happy birthday "baby boy" and get well fast you has the job to do :)
chick with pink hair on a laptop, well im not buying the game ♥♥♥♥ this im out !
SigF Jan 27 @ 10:39pm 
Nice new home!! I'm happy you are cool with it. Keep it up!!! Thanks for the news devs.
Bree Jan 26 @ 9:24pm 
Join Catalysm! (RP server with Limited KoS)

Friendly community and we will be sure your loot is safe and sound without getting pinched by other players! We are looking to grow our sever and want YOU! Join today!!

Server Name: Catalysm
Password Protected, Please fill an application via our Discord server to get accepted and join the server

Discord Link:

20 slots and more to come if they get filled!
Friendly community
Safe Zones
A1 being the only KoS Area
Active Staff
Strictly RP but we are fun loving as well as laid back!
High Loot & Re Spawn Rates
Shops with a Cigarette Currency
Available Shops to be claimed by potential store owners
Available Houses in the main town
Monthly Events - Will become bi weekly when we up our player numbers
^^^^ WIN PRIZES!! Rare Loot, Food, Supplies Etc!

JOIN US TODAY!! Hope to see YOU on our server :)
\🎲\Sn1PeZ/🎲/ Jan 26 @ 12:56pm 
Join this server if you like gaming!
[AE51] Snake5943 Jan 26 @ 4:37am 
Happy Birthday