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XyJIu_GuN Sep 14 @ 6:30am 
fatal error...
Redi Sep 13 @ 5:34pm 
:wogsniper: :m9beretta: :60sMask:
MEEhANK Sep 12 @ 7:39pm 
We want thai language
ZX_Warrior Sep 12 @ 5:43am 
Please fix wooden boxes on multiplayer official. They keep despawning.. cant play for much longer without some kind of way keep loot safe, hope you understand..
unnamed Sep 12 @ 3:47am 
yall pervert^
(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐ Sep 11 @ 12:16pm 
Tansexual disabled characters plz....and children, we need kids and disabled trannies to truly appreciate this game, no need for realism, us SJW's demand this otherwise we will riot and smash stuff up
Xawet Sep 11 @ 9:06am 
Female Character pls :lovebs::lovebs:
『ℜ』♚ Sep 11 @ 7:54am 
I want a female character :thehook:
Deal with it Sep 11 @ 6:38am 
Still not fixed that fatal error bug, when changing something in options? Haha, what a disgrace
(T_T)DracsTM Sep 11 @ 6:37am 
building fortification (craft doors and windows),storage boxes should be implemented, sooner rather than later.....