Development update #5

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Sn4ke May 17 @ 6:39am 
When this Updates avalaible in servers?
NilRocha May 11 @ 3:59am 
Please house building too
i thought there wasn't going to be base building but instead fortifications?
nOa!M May 4 @ 8:03am 
Hello :)

[EU] PvP [NRNS No Risk No Scum]-[5xLoot/High Cars/Airdrops/Zombies]
Restarts: 00:00 - 06:00 - 12:00 - 18:00

See you & Have Fun ;)
Meow May 3 @ 5:15pm 
@fuzzy it is easy :) model and Animation i know from what i speak because im a Developer too but not from Scum dont worries :) so now dont talk to me again i dont like kids they think they are better.
Kazi May 3 @ 9:03am 
@ Ninja, I'm happily Married to a woman, and I still mod all my games and want my games to have exquisite bouncing breasts, and nice booty's. Nothing wrong with enjoying what you're looking at in the game. You don't have to stare at♥♥♥♥♥♥♥to make people think you get laid bro. You can enjoy bouncing breasts without being or looking desperate. Grow up bud.
DeaDZoNeTR May 3 @ 8:28am 
please adding turkish languages :cozynekros:
Striker May 3 @ 7:39am 
make a admin tool pls
Antonis210 May 3 @ 5:12am 
When it'll be available to us? 😊😀