SCUM - Patch Notes & SCUM comic #11

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Shwartzs Jun 2 @ 1:26pm 
Remember Dayz, remember how long it took them to complete it? guess this is Scum, go into god mode and see how big the map really is, then look at the production of this game, its great its fun but its not done, and you honestly think the rest of the map along with all the added content is going to be done any sooner than Dayz? No way in hell, I don't bother playing this game no more. Not enough animals, very limited. Zip lines needed for coming down a mountain, its a simple concept. Likely will never be added, Tree house would be nice, doubt will ever be added. The boats last time i checked disabled, islands removed. The chest adding and removing items is a pathetic joke, not sure what these dev's are even thinking on their concept. Its a joke, if you are reading this before you bought the game, Don't buy it. Wait 10 years then maybe they will have had done something to make the game interesting.
Major_Valentine505 May 29 @ 12:48pm 
Game is dying not enough to do not enough to kill not enough to eat.

Needs a Bandit AI Needs more Animals for hunting Needs more Robot Variance aswell as more Puppet Variance.

The Bandits should have bases across the map aswell as random Patrols across the map. There needs to be more animals. You can't do any hunting on this game not sustainable hunting never see any damn thing to kill and eat. It took me HOURS yes HOOOOUUURRRRSSSS to find one damn Bear...AND NOTHING ELSE!

Needs to Have Humanoid like Robots that patrol areas also. The Big ♥♥♥ Mechs are just an annoyance not a threat. They are easily hidden from and easily out ran to safety.

This game is already dying. Y'all are focusing on Nonsense CRAP rather than things that would actually make this game better. GET WITH THE PROGRAM FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

The game needs better optimization also.
JerryS1986 May 29 @ 3:46am 
vehicles needs a gas meter not just a health bar then 20% then it blows up
JerryS1986 May 29 @ 3:45am 
also needs a tutorial for crafting, food an other basic needs for newer players and more animals in general an different robots/mechs besides the walking ones in certain poi's have them in towns to patroling/wrecking puppets
JerryS1986 May 29 @ 3:40am 
also storage needs a improvement instead of moving things into box how bout looking inside it with storage slots inside it when interacting with storage
JerryS1986 May 29 @ 3:38am 
food needs to be improved as well waiting 2min for it to cook then trying to eat it an find out its overcooked or burnt isn't good might as well find fruit oh wait cant eat that ether because it says it raw come on now
^FuN^ DreeMax May 28 @ 10:20pm 
Jarda, yes. Multiple bow variations are in game already.
Jarda May 28 @ 5:34pm 
Is archery a thing now? Last time I've played was back in 2018.
YourSmoothOperator May 28 @ 12:16pm 
Yeah more map changes but first better base building and crafting
JerryS1986 May 28 @ 6:06am 
optimization patch is a must also needing more graphics options for lower end gpu's other then that so far so good