SCUM - Hotfix

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TropTeps Jul 12 @ 8:10am 
You mad donk_donkle?? Get over it
YamaKami Jul 12 @ 1:10am 
Hey donkie, maybe learn wtf Early Access means and entails. Then you won't be complaining about things you should be expecting.
donk_donkle Jul 11 @ 6:44pm 
forgot to mention 7 boxes crammed full of kit have vanished too, way to go #golfclap
donk_donkle Jul 11 @ 6:39pm 
where has my base vanished to? you taking the ♥♥♥♥ by putting out a furniture update but dont fix why bases are being deleted, i put over 30 hours in building my base, am i expected to make it all again or are you gonna sort this out? i mean what the actual fook are you lot playing at ffs?
kamikaz Jul 11 @ 4:19pm 
BONSOIR, pourriez-vous mettre la possibilité de se mettre assit et coucher pour les chaises etc et les lit la possibilité de dormir serait un plus aussi ! merci pour votre travail !! (désolé pour la traduction c'est google ) :peace:

good evening, could you put the possibility of sitting down and sleeping for the chairs etc and the bed's the possibility of sleeping would be a plus too! thank you for your work !! (sorry for the translation it's google)
m√ -90 Jul 11 @ 1:33pm 

As soon as you can, add personalized construction of homes, that is ... we choose how to build it inside and that it is not by default!
Key85 LOOT.Farm Jul 11 @ 11:41am 
1) I get disconnected every time i join the server after a minute or so
2) My cars in the base are all messed up and their positions are changed.
3) I get an error related to EAC on game startup something says Unknown File (I think it's related to my antivirus but anyway wanted to report)
Wurstbrot mit Ei Jul 11 @ 11:39am 
>>> first Thanks for the Hotfix / Update , When we can Build an own House ? <<<:steamhappy:
Radianx Jul 11 @ 11:20am 
I will be glad if you guys turn on the SCUM Brazil official server 1506
✪ ScuM Jul 11 @ 10:55am 
Desculpe, mais o jogo continua cheio de bugs, e voces lançando móveis! Objetos sem finalidade alguma. Estão acabando com SCum.