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This update is huge, with nearly 100 tickets addressed. We’re super chuffed!

The game’s massively more performant, far fewer lag related issues, plus tons of cool new stuff as we prepare for Early Access (soon!). Read on for the full deets!

- When you blow up a Drone Fighter, you can see their pilot left behind, drifting in the cold void, regretting their decision to fight you for the last few seconds of their life. Grim? Maybe. Satisfying? You betcha!

- Shielders now have additional gameplay, whereby their Shields have HP, meaning you can shoot them to wear their shields down, then try to kill them before they power them up again.


- We’ve updated the visual effects for Loot crates. They were getting lost in busy screens, plus were only as exciting to look at as any other reward. But they’re the best reward, so we’ve snazzed them up! Rainbows ftw!

- We’ve totally overhauled chat, so now it’s much more clear who’s talking, with colours assigned to usernames, plus the chat system works inside Xenotaphs and on Wipe screens, so you can chat in the safety of the tech screen, or compare loadouts while browsing the Equip screen! Plus you can maximise and minimise the chat window with buttons or by toggling with P

- We’ve updated the Loot Crate screen, so when you’re rewarded with Systems everything is a bit more, well, snazzy. We like snazz. Icons are visible on both sides of the new and improved coin.

- We’ve updated the player icon on the map so it’s easier to find yourself out there in the giant world

- The Esc menu is now dressed for launch, because we’ve updated it and gotten rid of the old placeholder assets

- We’ve snuck a credits screen in, accessible from the Main Menu. If you’re eagle-eyed on our discord, or a contributing member of the community, you’re likely on it!

- We’ve updated the crosshair so that it more closely fits our aesthetic, plus is easier to keep track of during frenetic play.

- Text changed on the Death screen to make the player’s next steps much more obvious.

- We’ve made it so that Melee Drones no longer chase Shielders. They’d get locked in eternal fights, leading to all kinds of rubbish gameplay and side effects, so we’ve made them ignore each other.

- Edited the map frames on both the maximised and minimised versions to keep the map information clear.

- Text changed on the Equip screen to make it clear when you don’t have enough MEV to equip a chosen System.

- Reordered MEV in various menus so that it is now consistently referred to in ‘Mass, Energy, Void’ order. Keeps things simpler to read and learn.

- Changed wording and presentation of Server Population in the Server Browser. Now reads from Quiet, through Busy and all the way up to Full with a few others in-between.

- Territory Capture Ring is now coloured white (it used to be red, seemed like a dangerous place to be for new players).

- The Broken Planet now has a more violently reacting core.

- We’ve tweaked every System Icon so that they no longer alias at certain resolutions ingame.


- We’ve addressed all kinds of issues around the AI Fleets, including making sure all the ships in a fleet travel at the same speed until they reach their destination or engage in combat, and this has had a HUGE impact on the game. The world is more alive, more territory changes hands more often, and enemy factions fight each other more too. Plus you come across groups of enemies a whole lot more (and you can hunt Fleets via the map) which adds a lot of challenge and opportunity (as well as life) to the gameworld.

- Fleets no longer move out of bounds and are always sent to a valid territory.

- Melee Drones now reliably damage Players and other Drones. They’re lethal, so watch out!

- Rubber banding is now almost non-existent, except when lag or performance issues come in to play. Which means we’re basically at the level of a commercially viable online action game. And we’re super pleased!

- Turrets are fixed, so they now shoot properly, and are back to being useful against Asteroids and Drones alike.

- Loot Crates open more reliably after we fixed a rare nullref. They are also always rewarded for territory capture, as there was a bug preventing this from being 100% certain.

- Fixed an issue that meant Xenoliths (previously called Glob Walls) were breaking the capture territory logic.

- Addressed the stretching on screen edges associated with the refraction on Asteroids.

- Fixed an issue that meant some players were seeing very high fire rates on their weapons, and the weapons of Drones.

- Fixed an issue that meant your Ship’s Energy was not being refilled on Dock.

- Fixed an issue that meant the Asteroid ‘explode’ visual effect was playing when it shouldn’t be.

- Fixed an issue that meant Asteroids were dropping MEV in the incorrect amounts.

- Turrets no longer damage a player’s Shield.

- Xenolith textures now match their Xenotaph’s more closely.

- Fixed overlap on certain menu buttons.

- Fixed a bug that meant players were getting damaged while docked in a Xenotaph

- Fixed a bug that meant repairing was not working as expected (there is another one not fixed, see below)

- Fixed various issues with the FTUE/Tutorial, including one that meant your Blaster’s level was not reset correctly if you died, and one that meant sometimes the System you unlocked in your first Loot Crate was not available in the Equip screen.

- Fixed an issue that was preventing the Wipe from running properly.


- Enemies and other entities infrequently disappear. We believe this is down to server-side performance.

- There’s some infrequent issues around repairing ships. Sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they report that they never died (so you don’t have to pay money to repair, yay!), and sometimes the repair won’t work even if you’ve got enough Lazarene.

- Sometimes the game won’t let you repair a Ship even though you have enough MEV.

- The Scarab’s available System slots are incorrectly labelled on the Equip screen

- Swapping Ships sometimes brings their Systems over to the new Ship, even if that new Ship shouldn’t be able to use them/doesn’t have the Slots.

- Sometimes the Equip screen will not update your Slot counter icons accurately.

- A specific planet has a broken shader, resulting in a weird blue… sky?

- Occasionally the server browser will return no servers… but this usually goes away after another attempt.

- You can trigger a menu to visually warp and glitch if you manage to die at the very moment you dock.

- The settings menu can pop you out of full screen when you have not asked it to.


- We’re working on more QoL features, so I thought a sneak peek would be fun. This addition on the right hand side of the Ship menu (currently in the game, but not functioning) will show you your saved/active loadouts for any Ships you’ve unlocked, detailing what Systems you have equipped, and the various important stats that make the difference when choosing which Ship to pilot next.

We hope you’ll agree that this one was worth the wait – and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve got in store for the next update! Our discord community keeps growing and getting more excited, and it really does thrill us to be making this game for you all. Much love!

Want to chat to us? Hit up our Discord[] and let us know what you want to see in the game!

Please consider telling a friend and getting them to join in the fun with us!

Want to play? Hit up our offical website[] and claim a steam key right now. The servers are live 24/7!

We've filled up our lovely wiki over at Gamepedia[] - please do pop in and check it out, help us fill in any gaps, or let us know what it's missing!
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