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Welcome back! We are happy to announce a major update will be releasing for the LotR:ACG tomorrow that will bring new content, a new User Interface, and full offline functionality to the game. As announced in our July road map, we are committed to improving the play experience for our players, and with our first major release since taking over development, we begin that journey tomorrow.

Here is a breakdown of what will be included in tomorrow's release:

1. Offline Playability

The most requested feature from the community has been to convert the game to be playable offline. After much effort, we are happy to announce the new build will include a fully-functioning, offline single player client that will allow players to play completely offline. Your previous progress will automatically sync locally after updating, after which you can then continue your game sessions offline, without worrying about a network connection.

Of course, co-op multiplayer games will still utilize the online client, and as this release will transition most of the player base off the servers, more bandwidth will be available for your online co-op match plays.

2. New Adventure Game Mode and Content (UPDATE: CONTENT IS LIVE!)
This update will also include, free of charge, a new game mode (Adventures) and our first content pack: "The Fords of Isen", a single-player, story-driven experience that puts players inside an unexplored narrative from the Lord of the Rings books. Draft a deck and play as the mighty Rohirrim, fighting to hold a river crossing from the forces of Saruman. With 70 new cards, 15 locations, new music and unlockables, it brings an all new experience to the game for players to enjoy.

3. Progress Respawns
We have updated the save system in the game to allow for immediate restoration of your previous location upon death. Previously upon failing in your quests, the game restarted you back at the beginning of your current quest. We have updated this to now restart you at the exact location where you failed, thus allowing for greater exploration and risk taking.

4. UI Refresh
A new main UI will greet you upon entering the game, improving the visual experience and aiding you with content discoverability. Simple vertical and horizontal flows showcase the game’s art and set the initial building blocks for the progress visibility updates which will come in early in 2021.

5. Bug Fixes
Many fixes for bugs and community-reported issues are included in this release as well.

Release Note 1: Console Parity
The new update will be live on Steam tomorrow but will not be submitted to consoles for approval until 10/23. Therefore, until the console versions are approved by their individual platforms and released, cross-play between Steam players and console players will be unavailable until parity is restored (TBD early November).

Release Note 2: Active Saves Reset
All player game progress will remain intact, however, any active unfinished saves will be reset. Not a big deal, just a heads up.

We will post another announce when the update is live. See you tomorrow!


Antihero Studios
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