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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

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Now available on Steam is the new 3.10 update for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. This latest version includes performance improvements, balance changes and more.

Change Log
  • Reduced maximum speed for siege units (Artemis, Destructor and Tormentor) to 120 (from 150).
  • Increased Substrate Clutch of Eggs spiderling spawn count by 1 (as intended previously).
  • Changed Substrate Sky Ender to no longer target drones.
  • Added Weapons Lab as a pre-req for the Artillery Post when built by a PHC Sapper (as intended).
  • Lots of AI updates to adjust AI bonuses, update army compositions and remove redundancy. Special thanks to Tarnished Knight for his work on this!
  • Reduced metal cost of Substrate Mobile Nullifier to 825 (from 875).
  • Updated King of the Hill scenarios to have difficulty levels. Special thanks to resopmok and drivver44 for this one.
  • Updated costs for Artemis and Destructor to: 452 metal (up from 380), 107 radioactives (up from 90) and logistics 12 (up from 9).
  • Adjusted steering on Artemis and Destructor to keep them from kiting so hard. Special thanks to drivver44 on this.
  • Updated campaign mission Genesis to account for balance changes: AI difficulty levels reduced, swapped out Heavy Annihilators for Disruptor Cannons, shifted turret positions and jammers; and increased starting constructor count to 5.
  • PHC EMP orbital: shield damage decreased to 1250 (from 3000), cooldown decreased to 10 (from 30), AoE reduced to 250m (from 600m); adjusted visuals to match radius.
  • Substrate Nanite Assassinate damage reduced to 5000 (from 9000).
  • Substrate Drone Swarm orbital drones have had their HP increased to 300 (from 30) with negative HP regen to -10 (from -1). May now target air units as a last priority.
  • Substrate Reaper energy cost to fire reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Substrate Capacitor radioactive cost decreased to 17 (from 30).
  • PHC Medic radioactive cost increased to 25 (from 17).
  • Drone leashing on PHC Drone and Repair Bays increased to 650 to match effective radius.
  • Lots of various map adjustments - thanks to drivver44 on these!
  • Increased acceleration on Hades and Punisher units; adjusted targeting module to give the player a bit more control.
  • Updated Substrate Punisher weapon and visuals. It now does AoE damage as part of a plasma rocket barrage.
  • Reduced PHC Artemis HP to 480 (from 575)
  • Updated Turtle Wars and Entropy scenarios to account for 3.0 balance changes
  • Updated Oblivion scenario to work as expected.
  • Updated Oxide logo
  • Regenerated Nashira map (no changes)
  • Special thanks to Tarnished Knight!

  • Added missing files for updated Devastate ability trails.
  • Compressed map files to reduce download size/RAM use.
  • Fixed incorrect range radius displays for PHC Constable, PHC Orbital Nullifier and Substrate Blossom Launcher.
  • Added AMD Radeon 6x00 series GPUs to device detection list
  • Updated VO warnings when a Tier 3/4 unit is taking damage. This will now alert the player sooner so they can potentially take action. Note - this will only work for new games (not saves).
  • Updated mesh optimization pass to reduce game load up times by up to 70%
  • Adjusted camera angle to be less top-down and adjust as the player zooms
  • Increased max thread count from 16 to 24 to increase performance on machines with more CPU cores
  • Adjusted rendering priorities so that larger units look substantially better when there are fewer units on screen
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