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True persistent world warfare

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Foxhole is a massively multiplayer game where you will work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. This is the ultimate game of collaborative strategy and tactics. Every action you take can have a powerful effect across a world in a state of war.

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If you are enjoying these updates, please take the time to leave us a review on Steam. Thanks.

Entrenched is Foxhole's most expansive update of the year and includes a massive world expansion, player uniforms, a building overhaul, a new tactical camera, and much more!

After years of development, the world of Foxhole has finally expanded to it’s fully realized scale and is now capable of supporting thousands of players in the same war at once. Fourteen new hexagon regions have been added, which will provide the space needed for larger scale wars, greater strategic depth, and a more dynamic frontline.

The persistent war will reach new battlefields taking place in fresh environments with never before seen towns, villages, and other points of interest.

Entrenched brings another highly requested feature to Foxhole: Player Uniforms. Like all other aspects of the war in Foxhole, Uniforms are produced and supplied to the front line by logistics players.

Uniforms will provide visual distinction to players on the battlefield and will provide one or more gameplay benefits, such special inventories, camouflage to circumvent enemy intelligence, or protection from harsh weather conditions



Entrenched includes a comprehensive building update, adding new content, features, and quality of life improvements.

Trench mechanics have been updated with a variety of improvements, allowing Tanks to traverse over Trenches, Trenches to be filled in, and more. New tools, modifications, and customization options will enable builders to be more creative than ever before when designing their Bunker Bases and Trench networks in the future.

Engine Rooms in Bunkers can now be used to power lights on top of Bunkers, giving them greater visibility at night or Observation Bunkers, which provide even more intelligence coverage than existing Watchtowers do.

Dedicated builders can now construct a new type of super weapon, the Intelligence Center, which can be deployed to intercept enemy transmissions, providing strategic data that can help your faction win the war.

Builders can now utilize Sandbags, Barbed Wire spools, and Metal beams to build elaborate frontline fortifications. These new fortifications offer several key benefits over conventional structures in Foxhole, including the ability to dynamically scale, bend, and snap, as well as being able to be built in strategic locations like bridges.

Soldiers can now use their shovels to dig out small dug outs in the ground that can be used for basic cover against enemy artillery and gunfire.

New stand alone garrisoned defenses are available, allowing even more flexibility when fortifying the front line. These include Rifle, Machine Gun, and AT Pillboxes.

Entrenched introduces new tank classes for each faction.

Unlike the 85-series, the Bardiche sports a heavier, more durable build and is fitted with a coaxial heavy machinegun along with a powerful, short-barrelled 68mm turret. Modern Kraunian engineering allows for a fast reload, making it an ideal tool to combat enemy armour.

Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.

New rifle classes have been added for each faction, including new Long Rifles, Heavy Rifles, and Automatic Rifles.

The in-game camera has been completely redeveloped from the ground up. The new camera removes the need to corner aim and provides better situational awareness, giving players the information they need to make better tactical decisions on the battlefield.

There many other features, content, and bug fixes in this update. Read the full release notes[] for the details.

Don't forget to follow the Foxhole Youtube Channel and Twitter Feed for the latest news on upcoming updates.
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