Dev Blog Lite #2

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Mathlic Aug 12 @ 3:10pm 
game sucks. i hope scumbag developers read the forums and listen to community one day...
Phood. Aug 10 @ 7:43pm 
Alright, I did not think about that. People in other regions that really sucks for you, this game's awesome.... My bad...
To answer your ?
I don't know either.
They have one chance to go F2P and then it's done.
I hope they get it right. It might be now as you say. It might be never as the nay sayers say.
Wish you could play.
Poizoom Aug 10 @ 12:56pm 
Big fig is right, we want new contents. You haven't given us an update in ages!
novocain Aug 10 @ 4:30am 
The only matches I can get are against bots. Tell me how the game isn't essentially dead in my region?
What're the possible reasons AGAINST going F2P, and getting a massive influx of players?

I like this game alot, and I loved Bloodline Champions as well. Really like the gameplay, just wish there was more players.
TheBigFig Aug 9 @ 1:28pm 
put more energy into releasing new content. I speak for many when I say no one actually cares about these 2v2 tournies or whatever. I want new content, more players, more growth. Lets get realistic here. I fucking love Battlerite. I've dreamt about a game like this for years, but I'm worried like many others that the developers will slack and let the game fail.
HollowLight Aug 9 @ 12:54pm 
Phood.. only if they test&play own products... and actually care about game mechanics & game engine and not just gambling mechanics and uselessinterface 2.0 which was already made before they went on vacation.
Eiko Aug 9 @ 12:22pm 
I've "invested" $50, so yes, I have. Have you taken thought into anything you're saying? This is also the developer of the dead-end game known as "Bloodline Champions" and maybe, just MAYBE some of us wouldn't want to see this game turn out the same way, and get absolutely no compensation on their future games despite putting money forward to the devs.

Some of us, in fact, a lot of us fear they're just using this $20 model to milk as many people as possible because they also feel the game is dying, or will die soon. While I pray that this isn't the case, considering how much I adore this game, there's always that sense of dread that it might be.

Why in the world would we want to "play against newbs to feel good", why would you want to drive away possible future players like that, that statement made absolutely no sense. Think before you speak, friend.
Phood. Aug 9 @ 6:53am 
QQ, everyone is so entitled and So arrogant too, as though they know what the game needs.

"game is dead" "could of been the best " "Make it F2P NOW! " etc...

Here's my guess: All of you crying babies that want f2p so urgently are hoping of playing against newbs to feel good for 30 seconds of your miserable lives.

And if it's not that, then take a step back and ask yourself:

Do you have a bird's eye view on the whole picture? Are you working closely with this project?
Are you invested ( more than 20$ you silly brats.) ?

If not, please spare us your QQ's and shallow thought processes.

I for one, have no doubt in this game and in its current "dead" state I have tons of fun with it. Has ANYONE stopped to think that MAYBE they ARE stalling for time? Would you release your space movie in the theatres at the same time as Star wars? Just a thought, they might be waiting for the popularity of other moba's to dwindle. Who knows!

xerozizers Aug 9 @ 5:28am 
I wonder when f2p and full release will come
novocain Aug 9 @ 5:19am 
Yeah, it's clear that they should've gone for a f2p model, don't know the reason for not doing it, probably due to investors.
Amazing and confusing that there's still some development on the game..