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Welcome to the official group for Battlerite!

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Welcome to the official Battlerite community!

Greetings! Join our group, it will grant you several benefits to your Battlerite experience!

Benefits for joining our group
  • Notifications about the latest Battlerite news a soon as they’re live.
  • Participate in the community discussions of the game.
  • Discuss the game with the developers.
  • In-game items when we enter Early Access:
    • 1 Gold Chest - Each Gold Chest contains at least one Epic item!
    • 3 Silver Chests - Each Silver Chest contains at least one Rare item!
    • Ashka Train Avatar
    • Legendary Outfit - Lotus Jade
  • With more goodies to come in the future!

Like us at Battlerite on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest info and to talk with the Battlerite crew.

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It’s time for the Community Weekly!

Last week Friday we published a Dev Update on Battlerite Pro League Season 2, the schedule, and the changes that will be coming (including picks and bans!) that you can read about here.[]

It’s not too late to enter the Battlerite Screenshot Contest! Use the Odeum to take some awesome photos and send them in to us for a chance to win in game prizes and plushies!

Read up on how to enter and rules here.[]


Rising Stars Season 2 may be a couple weeks off, but you can sign up to take part in the first week of action now!

Click here[] to sign up for Rising Stars EU on August 18th
Click here[] to sign up for Rising Stars NA on August 18th
Click here[] to sign up for Rising Stars SA on August 18th and 19th


Are you creating awesome Battlerite content? Show us on twitter @Battlerite or post it here on Steam!

Fan Art
We have some amazing artists in the Battlerite community!

If you ever want to featured on the official Battlerite Twitter, tweet @Battlerite and use #BattleriteArt!

Ad Astra[] on Tumblr shows off a darker side to lovely Alysia:

Find the original here.[]

Meanwhile Frost[] so showing off a pretty cute side to Ezmo!

Find the original here.[]

And finally, Pridannikov Igor[] shared a sketch he did of Jade: and the details are really amazing!

Find the original here.[]


Video Highlights
Our content creators have been busy at work making new videos!

First up, Battlerite Sage goes over the announcement last Friday on the new inclusion of bans in BPL:
Electrocute is back (again) with another video on Sirius (again) that you should definitely check out:
Last week we had Best of Battlerite #81½ and this week… #82¾!?!
Combo King Khada is back with TWO new videos this week - one super damaging Croak combo, and one for Thorn:

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