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HECer Feb 14 @ 5:05pm 
"faster mining with mining machines, but mining is now limited - you can harvest only certain amount of resouces on one place"

i am not sure if i am happy with the limitation of mining.
I really like things to automate....this would kill the possibilities of them.
If it would be possible to build self searching bots or if mining machines really dig into the ground and remove everything slowly underneath, this would be a good alternative where i can tolerate the limitation...because it's more physical then....
timcravey Feb 14 @ 3:58pm 
I withdraw my objections and reserve judgement until further gameplay. So far so good.
timcravey Feb 14 @ 10:17am 
Well BOO! so far. The thermal block is cool and custom POI is great. I might get used to tools on the hot bar.

But I had only just begun to explore the possibilities in the save file which is now inaccessible to me. I find this deeply disappointing as it limits creativity and the ability of players to contribute content to the game.
Menzagitat Feb 14 @ 9:19am 
PK ❤️
KristofDeRaver Feb 14 @ 8:55am 
Where did my gun and mk4 tool go ? I have the default emergency equiped. Did it drop the others or did I miss a button to switch. Do I need to make them again ?