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Planet Nomads Blueprint Update

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Tu Tu Yay Warr Sep 10 @ 4:55am 
Eleges Sep 6 @ 6:07pm 
I have a MacOS game updated to the latest version (0.9.2...) and now I have glitch with the texture.
Lots of little dots appearing everywhere you look. When you move, it moves as well.
It happened before with update Unity 2018 but Reverting back to helped.

Does anyone have the same issue?
stk Sep 3 @ 10:02am 
Junkasaurus Sep 1 @ 8:38am 
Hi Craneballs!
I just wanted to congratulate you on this nice update. Great addition indeed!
Jericho Aug 31 @ 8:12am 
impossible to build a blueprint, it shows me that I have no components while I already have some in my inventory. is anyone did have already this problem ?

Forlorn Aug 30 @ 10:52pm 
Can I also get a "reset view" button as the 3rd person view bugs out after starting a save game and I literally have to zoom in again from planetview to my character for a minute or so.
dudemister  [developer] Aug 30 @ 9:36am 
Yeah - solar panels have some new issues now - we are working on it as we speak :)
Forlorn Aug 30 @ 7:08am 
My solar panels don't work either anymore, now I am stuck far away from my base with a large flying object that feeds only from the sunlight. :steamsad:
donleo_78 Aug 30 @ 7:00am 
mmm, dont know if its just me, but the solar panels dont work anymore. I take some screenshots with the panels at direct sunlight and not a single one is working...
gotch Aug 30 @ 3:28am 
tbh i havent bothered to fire it up for ages as building endlessly is just boring,and not what the game blurb implies.
devs should look at planet explorers and build a living world from their ideas etc,maybe swap them your building system which is great,PE's being terrible.for their world of interest and stories/quests etc.

steam advert blurb on the main page:"travel through an unknown land" is about right!! but needs to be updated to "pointlessly travel through an unknown land full of nothing,for absolutely no reason other than to grind to build more stuff in order to grind some more and build endless ridiculous pointless crap"

should be a new game genre section called "survival grinding" imo. we could all avoid that section then. :(