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Tundra Planets
After playtesting version 2.6 quite a bit, I felt the game has a major flaw. Let me explain... When you upgrade your space suit, it allows you to visit a wider range of planets, giving the player motivation to explore.

Well, the problem is that most of the planets are either too far from their star to be warm enough to support life, or too close and too hot to support life. Since planets with life seem to be more interesting then those without, eventually all the new planets to discover will be dead worlds.

I already addressed this with hot planets by adding life to some of the vapor clouded worlds. However, many more planets are far from their stars, or orbit smaller colder stars, and this allows for a great many cold, dead worlds.

So I added a tougher kind of life that can survive in frozen worlds. These "Tundra" planets have grass, creatures, and stunted kinds of trees that are not found on other worlds.

Crystal Beasts
A while back, I added crystal planets. These are a great place to find needed crystals for some blueprints. Well, I also added the possibility for these planets to be inhabited by crystal creatures.

Fungus Monsters
Some planets have fungus like growths instead of trees and plants. Now, on some of these worlds the wildlife will also have fungus like growths instead of fur.

Updated Grass
I had a problem with the grass, in that it would react to the player's flashlight in an unnatural way. The grass would glow too brightly for my taste. I have spent a long time tweaking the grass materials and the way they react to light. I think it looks much more natural now...
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