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Hi everyone,
As we've always been as transparent as we can be with you about our development, we want to give an update on our progress with the v1.0 release. Sometimes we take time to make adjustments in order to deliver a better game. Other times we take time because there are external factors that push our hand. This is one of those times where external factors have come into play.

As mentioned in a previous update, one of us has been dealing with an unexpected family emergency. This has unfortunately progressed to where they'll need some time away from work. In the meantime, we will continue to polish and finalize the game, but this means that we will not make our April release target as hoped. We're sorry that you'll have to wait a little longer, but we need to do what's right by our team and the people closest to them.

We're a small studio and we want to keep it that way. The downside is that when one of us needs to take some unexpected time away, it means that 33% of our company is suddenly not there. Even with that difficulty, we couldn't have started a studio and worked on the game if it wasn't for the direct support of our families and all of you. Releasing the game is how we can thank you; being there for our families in times of crisis is how we can thank them.

We also want to assure you that the v1.0 version of the game is still coming to consoles and Steam. When we're ready we'll be back with better news as this is certainly not the type of update we were expecting to share.

Thanks again for everything, and stay safe.

We love seeing all of your pictures taken with Photo-Mode! They cheer us up, especially at times like this, and we can't thank you enough for sharing them with us. Thanks to Cats0521 for the cover image;). I think from here on out, we'll be using fan made images for blog posts as they capture the game so well. Also, we love to see your fan art so don't be shy about sharing them with us here on our Discord.
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