Dungeons 3

Dungeons 3

The Third And Final Course Of Deliciously Evil DLC Is Served

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Fenice Aug 22 @ 3:03pm 
Still waiting for camera zoom for ages, bunch of lazy devs.
PINGAS Jul 5 @ 9:33am 
Portuguese language. Any plans?
Artillery Horse Jun 8 @ 5:58pm 
Get some zoom devs in your next game, you have been lazy long enough...
Recon_1o6 May 31 @ 7:04am 
final dlc, the twist playing as the heroes at the start was interesting.

sadly this was the last hope for being able to summon the absolute evil :( i understand why it didnt happen though, unlike some folk i know it wasnt just a matter of porting it over from dungeons 2. It would have been so fun.
csatrad Apr 29 @ 7:16am 
is this as crap as the first 2 dlc or its worth buying this time around?
ShadowDragon_79 Apr 23 @ 12:08pm 
Fenice :

+1 for mod-support. :)
BBK Apr 23 @ 8:01am 
@Devs, Bug Reporting, 1st level got some locations with their names swapped, for example
Evil Monument with Good Name
Good Monument with Evil Name


Suggestions, after all that DLC we bought, can you implement the features and put them into the Skirmish? I would love to play a skirmish game in the DLC universes.

Workshop, is it possible to bring Workshop support? I would love if you could turn the 3rd level's DOTA-inspired map into a full on assault like the actual DOTA game would play. Map editors can do anything about it.
BBK Apr 23 @ 7:58am 
@Bisen, you got to remember that Thalya wants to kill the Goddess as well, she's aiming for her. So I'm sure there's going to be another big update, though can't tell if it's an expansion or new Dungeons 4 game.
Antiga Apr 23 @ 4:58am 
Also main reason I do not play Dungeons 3 - Camera Height. Such a simple thing. Such a massive effect on a DK fan.
Bisen Apr 22 @ 10:39am 
If this is the final DLC, then what's next? An expansion? Dungeons 4?