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Tropico 6 - Hotfix 1 (v.12.1)

Fellow Tropicans,

A hotfix for Tropico 6 has just been released.

This includes several bug fixes and solves outstanding issues, such as the Caribbean Skies add-on content not functioning properly for some players.

A detailed list of fixes and improvements can be found below.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where teamsters would occasionally stop to support buildings
  • [Caribbean Skies] [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where the add-on content wasn’t functioning properly for all players if it wasn’t owned by all players
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue where teamsters would transport goods in an infinite loop between the Dock and Cargo Airport
  • [Caribbean Skies] Fixed an issue wherein the Cargo Airport catching fire then being extinguished would render the building inoperable
  • [Caribbean Skies] [Mission 3] Scientists’ houses now indicate the need for a road connection
  • Fixed an issue where the X button could no longer be used to construct multiple buildings after any changes were applied in the Options menu
  • Increased the range of Middle East demands to match the respective area of influence
  • Added ability for Snorkel Bays to be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue with Mine relocation
  • Fixed a couple of crashes
  • Fixed floating objects and unbuildable ramps in the Sandbox maps ‘Lirio Dorado’ and ‘Dos Viejos Amigos’
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