Wartide 2.0 - Major Update #2 (June)

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spYkz Apr 28 @ 1:44pm 
You devs moving in wrong way. Now game almost no players, in Europe i mean. What tokens, what is this bullshit, cod2/co4 is way community want, csgo is another game not relating to this or cod series, leave it to other community. Make simple and good fps from base you have and everyone will be happy.
aLive Apr 24 @ 3:54pm 
After the first major update when North America regions were bunched into one sever "North America", I haven't been able to connect to Ranked servers. It stays "Searching". Now it won't even connect to Unranked servers.
{KB} y!N Apr 24 @ 3:16pm 
Backed this game @ Kickstarter, being promised an OLD SCHOOL COD2/CODMW type of game. These Next Gen economy systems game have nothing to do with OLD SCHOOL gaming and should not be in this game.

Instead of downright bollocks ingame money systems i wished you guys start giving the players what was promised; an old school WW2 FPS game with the same look and feel as the games mentioned above. Once you guys done doing so, crank up the price like in the good old days where you payed 50 bucks for a full game including a SP campaign instead. No bullish Mario meets Zelda coins nor copy cat loot crates and such things that have NO place in a game that tends to recapture old school gaming.

So dissapointed in Battalion:1944 so far...

ocri0n Apr 24 @ 12:07pm 
Dead Game..... maybe theres a comeback in a half year.......
skyline1589 Apr 24 @ 8:38am 
Coins on ground? Is this mario? I tried this game and it was ok. I wanted to buy it later when more content is added. Not buying it if the devs will make this game more arcady.
Sauer Apr 24 @ 7:06am 
Why are you copying csgo in a bad way... Just make it like cod4 promod...
BAGUETTE Apr 24 @ 2:33am 
Lufka you čaj refung games if you dont know :3
Lufka Apr 24 @ 12:50am 
best for you would be if you give back our money and apologize
miss Apr 23 @ 6:23pm 
Make asia server . . .
AGAIN ON tidde! Apr 23 @ 4:31pm 
"a reliable ELO system"
you need a customized ELO system that take in account particularity of your game. You are bringing token pool per team ? then track the ratio of tokens spent by a player with his impact into the game because someone spending low token and having great impact should be reward and the opposite for people consuming without performing