Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Update 75 - Total Uncontrolled Mayhem

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Keyvan Sep 17 @ 2:07am 
this is good :steamhappy:
puFFzAckToT Sep 9 @ 3:04pm 
iam so happy :)
samuelmccartney2 Sep 7 @ 1:37pm 
Think the game is doing spot on, liking the new updates and features as of lately, can only get better as well
invas0r Aug 30 @ 11:56am 
slowly dieing tHis game lol
FingersTitan[PCGC] Aug 30 @ 7:21am 
The funny thing though Galactic... 6 month to a year ago... They would of had over 200 thumbs up from the updates.. Now it's at 56 thumbs up and yet the devs are still to IGNORANT to see that they have messed their own game up... but hey.. They will keep it going as long as they line their pockets but once it gets to the point of them not making money any more.. See you down the road to the loyal ones left.. and they will be the ones crying to most. :(
Alice Bubblegum Aug 29 @ 6:45am 
MrPainBro Aug 29 @ 6:37am 
I have some spicy ideas for your future updates!!!

Can we get an "Attack The Middle Mode"? (Kill the Juggurnat Mode)

Boss in the middle of the map and players on the left and right.

Oh also what about a gamemode were the bridge's move up and down. that would be pretty cool to play.

Thanks for reading this Betadwarf.

Sedli Aug 29 @ 5:49am 
Killing Floor is a not too bad idea, but there is no balance if King puff gets to switch minions on bridges.
FingersTitan[PCGC] Aug 29 @ 4:45am 
**"Thanks to feedback from the community, "** All 12 of you... lololol
Freeman Aug 29 @ 4:42am 
So now when I like a skin or an arena, I can't buy it? Well, thanks for making sure I save up my rubies.