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Dear Martyrs,

Watch the new Succubus trailer! This time, the material focuses on presenting Adult Only content, which will be available after downloading a free DLC on the day of the game's premiere.

Succubus is meant to present the game world from the perspective of a liberated demon who is indifferent to such human qualities as shame or shyness. The main character of the game - Vydija, leaves not only a sea of dismembered and mutilated victims on her way, but also finds time to satisfy her own needs.

Each player, regardless of their country of origin, will be able to enjoy the uncensored version on the day of release, as a free DLC will be available that unlocks the Adult Only content. If the visibility and downloadability of the DLC is blocked in a given country, players will be able to download it for free, directly from our website: http://www.madmind-studio.com


Customization is an important element of the game, and will allow players to customize the appearance of the main character, her armor and powers, and above all - her cave, which acts as the Main Hub of the game. During the playthrough, players will gain the souls of slain enemies, which are a currency in Succubus. You will also be able to unlock new parts and buy new weapons, armor and special powers with this currency.

  1. Change in the appearance of the main character, including her facial features and skin color.
  2. Customize armor and special powers that affect the gameplay.
  3. Customize the appearance of the Main Hub - decide on the appearance of individual places in the cave, choose the lighting and weather conditions.

See you in Hell,
Madmind Studio
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