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Dear Players,

To make sure you have fun during Halloween, which is a very special time for horror fans, we have just released a free Halloween Special Update.

Watch the trailer showing its contents:

Here is the full list of the features that are introduced in the update:

  • 3 new types of eyes for customization
  • 11 new types of horns for customization
  • new "Pumpkin" Bodypaint
  • new "Freddy" Bodypaint
  • new "Harley" Bodypaint
  • new Pumpkin Hammer
  • new executions for Pumpkin Hammer
  • new Halloween set for Main Hub
  • new lighting option and "Halloween" additions for all levels
  • new flying witches added in the levels
  • new music for the Main Hub
  • Pumpkins witch hats added for most of the enemies


- New information doesn't show on things that are not new anymore;
- ASB spikes can now kill again;
- TBC cutscene animations are adjusted;
- Moving the gamepad on reset progress now doesn't lock it in place;
- Main Hub in uncensored cutscenes camera angles are adjusted;
- Gamepad is now not leaving the summary screen;
- MoM ranked arena translation fixes;
- Mouse cursor now hides when you use the gamepad;
- Spider texture fixes;
- Bow magic circles and decals fixes;
- Translations in selfie mode;
- And many, many more!


- We are working on finding the cause of PhysX crashes. For now just stay on -dx12 fix if needed;
- More stability and performance changes are coming in the next update!

We also have a special promotion for you:

From October 28th to November 1st 2021, a special bundle with the game will be available on Steam.

It includes:

- Halloween Update
- The full version of the game Succubus
- Digital Soundtrack

The bundle will be available at a promotional price of $ 19.99

Enjoy Halloween,
Madmind Studio
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