Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel: Forged With Fire

Patch Notes - 05/16/2018 - "Decay Bug" & Other Fixes

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Tugasan May 21 @ 9:59am 
im happy the game is getting better , looking forward to a finish state to try out again.
JustinSullivan May 21 @ 8:35am 
The UI camera motion is perfect now! Even better than it has ever been and I can play again without motion sickness! So far it also seems the decay bug is fixed! Thank you so much for the excellent updates, work and overall game progress. I'm very excited for some of the "BIG" up and coming updates!
Howy May 19 @ 11:34am 
We appreciate the hard work, keep it up! 😄
ॐ EvilSlime May 17 @ 10:06am 
What about in-game announcements when a server is rebooting?
Devilwhale May 16 @ 6:29pm 
Just tested this, no decay issue so far.
loading into server - about 5 min, no improvement.
no fps improvements. 42 fps base on my server with no structures around. almost 60 on a empty server.

My base 20-42 fps.

Entering a area with a base, 5-10 fps. then stablizes around 15 fps.

Killed a players tame, no loot, and the only option was interact tame, which did nothing. Then it vanished pretty quickly. So that is not working, It had at least a saddle on it.

Leaving a large base, you get fps stall at 1, hang for 10-30 seconds like usual. Wait for it to sling me in what ever direction, and hope not to die. Happens every time your at the 400 m mark leaving a place (aprox)