Genius Greedy Mouse

Genius Greedy Mouse

About unused keys.

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ΛLIΣП IПSIDΞ .StD May 14 @ 11:33pm 
Thanks for the decision. Its very well. I added you in steam, regards.
Stefan8000 Apr 23 @ 12:44pm 
Great news. Because i own all your games, I bought Spot Race: Donation DLC now to support you.
SpaceFractal  [developer] Apr 12 @ 4:15am 
thanks for those that choosen to support me by purchasing PowerUp Elevation :-), is a little game that was fun to do. Etc a much smaller project (still fun) than Greedy Mouse was.
SpaceFractal  [developer] Apr 12 @ 4:11am 
Also many keys from Otaku bundles might got revoked since I'm is not alone that got unpaid. This is why this happens. Mostly newer bundles did not paid any devs and im was lucky to get my publisher right back. This is very sad, since its was just fun to do that. But if you ask me, I'm would do perfer to give away all unused keys, which is of course not possible to do it. Etc give them to example and similar sites. This is howover the personal view.
tsukichild Apr 11 @ 6:33pm 
Thank you for reconsidering! It really means a lot to me (and others) that you have thought it through an apologized. I just picked up the only other game I don't own, Powerup Elevation, here on steam as well. Best of luck.
ReptilianWorldOrder Apr 11 @ 4:42pm 
My man. Thanks for announcing this ahead of time, being open to feedback, and your willingness to reconsider despite having been a victim of some genuine scumbaggery by Otaku/GoGo. People get (naturally) upset when devs make that call to turn internal matters into the end user problem, though that doesn't meant they sympathize with the sort of crap the bundle sites pulled either. People don't want those sites getting off the hook, they just don't want to collectively take their place on it either.

Just picked up Power Elevation :DukeCash:

luckz Apr 11 @ 4:39pm 
Thank you for calming down quickly :3:
SpaceFractal  [developer] Apr 11 @ 4:12pm 
Just A Note:
The keys that im sold and got unpaid was sold quite cheap on a 100% legal site that got closed. Its was fun to do that really. Just annoying when im diddent got paid for two bundles and im threat them for stolen. But im do in the end cant do anythiing about it, since its was not the gamers fault at all here.

Howover if you really want to support me, please purchase this game directly here on steam!

Again, sorry for the drame. Im will NOT revoke any keys!!!!