Prey - Steam Update v1.03 - Patch Notes

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Kadera Jun 27 @ 11:29pm 
Sorry, but I continue to have corrupted save-games, especially early on if I depart from the normal path. First thing that disappears is the Lobby.level file. Then I can lose Prototype (H/W labs) and/or the Neuromod section files.

I am well aware of that and that's not a good excuse nor does it answer the question.

To be fair to Bethesda/Arkane Dishonored 2 runs much better now with the latest update (Game Update 3, March 21st)
I HAVE NO IDEA! May 30 @ 10:56am 
I run a new game, but in the Lobby there were Phantoms like they were in my old playthrough. As a result, new game doesn't work properly(absolutly no resources, as they were collected in older run). It dissapoints me, please, fix asap.
MrH May 30 @ 9:58am 
What about the Reactor Room and its horrible performance? 60fps the entire game, 15fps there. There are many threads regarding this issue so I'm not alone.
Catalion May 30 @ 12:04am 
The best game since half-life 2.
Ⓣ☯Ⓜ May 29 @ 2:00pm 
For maybe 30 euros yes. I wouldn't pay more.
Scheidecker2 May 29 @ 1:32pm 
Is this worth buyin?
ap2629 May 29 @ 12:47pm 
The game isn't saving any progress and a new game is started every time with a corrupted saved files message. I don't see any update available. Just purchased it yesterday and tried reinstalling and still happening.
Rob May 29 @ 12:36pm 
Steam isn't downloading this update, and I can't find it anywhere else. Game log says it's still 1.01, and it crashes and is unplayable. Tried everything I could find to get steam to download the patch, but no luck. Anyone know how to fix it?
OptionalLemon May 29 @ 6:23am 
@G.I. Jew: A Real American Hebrew

Because it's built on a completerly different game engine than Dishonored 2,