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RaqxesDK Feb 26 @ 12:36am 
Found a bug in this ver. in single player, with the Raven Clan, i came opon a strange bug: an Iron node and a stone node in the same area, i took the area, but i had to build a mine 2 times, which was kinda weird
BesStyzhiy Feb 19 @ 12:17pm 
Great work so far . But despite this, I have some thoughts about weak points.

1. Too big difficulty gap between chapter 2 and 3, it's better to add a few "tutorial" missions.
2. Hidden bonuse objectives: a) they are not worth playing the chapter again. Same map, zero replayability, not interesting. b) I can win, reveal objectives, load endgame save and complete them. Zero replayability, not interesting. Just don't hide them at all.

As a suggestion, I'd like to see more "special" missions (chapter 5), in that case the campaign will be different from custom games giving a better game experience.
Soliness Feb 18 @ 3:45am 
Obiron Feb 18 @ 12:14am 
Good campaign. Bonuses don't seem that relevant even for replayability, Needs to be a reaason to do it. Maybe let players start with a defense tower if they've completed all the bonuses in the campaign or some other buff.
Uncle Science Feb 17 @ 9:21pm 
great campaign, beautiful character art troughout, my favourite is the crow girl :D however if there's a way to skip the cutscene it'll be even better, especially on repeated playthroughs . Keep up the good work!
Dessert Feb 17 @ 2:16pm 
Enjoyed the campaign through out :-)
Can't wait to play the rest.
Thrudgelm Feb 16 @ 5:06pm 
So far so good, entertaining campaign. Unfortunatelly I have experienced one crash, but the autosave system saved my♥♥♥♥♥ literally, so I haven't lost much progress. Would be nice to see some voice acting, instead of plain text, but it's still in beta, right ?! :-)
Silvous Feb 14 @ 2:11pm 
wheres the survey..?
Mr.Nobody Feb 14 @ 6:24am 
For me the Campaigne was outstanding! Good difficulty scale, mission 5 was my favoritt :) Got in in the first go, so I want more type of this mission in the future :) Only 1 thing that I hope that will be improved, is that dialogs will be with audio and not only textbars.

All in all it was very interesting campaigne and looking forward for the full release :)
RiddlerTO Feb 14 @ 5:57am 
Gameplay seems fun, Im getting a lot of broken maps and those lines that track along the screen though. The text bar definitely gets in the way and denies you from doing other actions.